Have you ever seen a work that just sparkles with colors. All this can be seen in art works by Brett Fairbank. Incredible love of active life and travel embodied in the works of this “positive” artist.

UsaARTnewS managed to get to know better Brett and get his ‘positive art vibe’!

“Had an amazing childhood my father and his business partner feel in love with Bali so they decided to build a house there in Ubud which we would go to get away. We had no power in the house, nothing – no electricity no tv. Getting away from life’s ways very refreshing. That’s when the art vibe hit me. Ubud is where all the artists are in Bali I was mesmerised with the energy the art is mind blowing. As a young child I was able to go and hang out with artists and draw with them amazing feeling being emerged in such a rich culture, through out my life. I’ve been creating, after Victoria living in the bush out back. My parents were after a sea change needed to totally go somewhere new start a new life. My parents bought a house with a business attached to it close to beach new adventure, going from the out back to the sea. Omg, what an amazing thing. This is when I discovered surfing, this is when my energy life force this thing surfing over took my soul.

Travel is where my color tone creative mind evolved. That’s what is in my art all the visions smells colors things moments, they are reflected in my art. I’m a self-taught artist never been to college never been told what to do. I figured it out on my own through trial and era. Art has made me feel free to be creative is this amazing energy it’s fueling my inner soul, to create an amazing art work and just sit with it stair into its glow drink a wine and feel the energy I give all of my heart mind soul into my creations. I get really high on arts energy I get rushes all over my body I buzz when I complete one of my creations.

I get really high on arts energy I get rushes love it it’s amazing I’m fully vibed, I buzz when I complete one of my creations. I’m currently in 2 galleries mavericks in Coolangatta Australia and Waihi Beach gallery in New Zealand. Most of my art work goes overseas Fiji England Liechtenstein Ireland all over the planet Italy. I do commission work. I’m a spiritual surfer artist that enjoys a free life. I also do uber driving 2 nights a week for money I love it for fun and enjoy the conversations interactions meeting new energy. During the week I surf, and paint, and live my free life”.

My art now reflects the area I live in the waves, the mountains, the natural beauty of my surroundings. A lot of feeling injection of tone. My paintings calm the mind and set the viewer free.”