Digital illustrations done on an iPad and a Wacom tablet by Warsaw-based artist Michal Sawtyruk.

The illustrations gives us an inside look of his home, or maybe a friend’s home, and drawn in a manner that resembles a painting rather than digital art. Sawtyruk also dabbles in animation from time to time and has been involved in production for companies such as DreamWorks, Platige Image, Ars Thanea and Axis Animation.

Michal Sawtyruk, from Poland, imbues each of his digital paintings with atmosphere and unusual perspectives. Most of these pictures depict urban settings, with cars and pedestrians making their way through streets with puddles and rising fog. Each picture contains a mix of sharp lines and more impressionistic brushstrokes of color. The way Sawtyruk captures light and reflection is particularly amazing, and this adds a sense of realism. He even utilizes dots of what is best described as bohkeh, a term usually applied to photography.

See more of Michal Sawtyruk work on Behance or at his website.