Artist and designer Thomas Dambo specializes in building family-friendly installations from upcycled materials. One of Dambo’s many interactive projects is Happy City Birds, a ongoing series that lies at the intersection of street art and community development. The Danish artist builds bird houses across urban centers, installing the new homes against buildings, grouped on tall poles, or spaced throughout existing trees.

Thomas Dambo is an artist / designer based in Copenhagen. Together with his team, Thomas makes creative and fun projects out of “waste” / recycled materials that they find around the city. With this, Thomas wants to inspire others to have fun and use waste as a resource.

Thomas Dambo makes everything from small design projects such as furniture, scenography and decor to small and huge art projects and recycling sculptures, most often involving his surroundings and the people around him.
Here on the page, and on Thomas Dambo’s social profiles, you can learn more about his work and projects.

Since 2006, Dambo and his crew have constructed more than 3,500 birdhouses with recycled wood and paint. Although a large percentage of his works are concentrated in Arken. You can see more of Dambo’s bird houses, including this human-size build, and a collection of camoflauged homes, on Dambo’s website.