How to make stone come alive, tune in the mood and to convey the slightest shades of feelings? Modern Japanese sculptor Ho Gaylord – the magician, who managed to breathe life into the soulless

He is known worldwide as the author who through this icy material to convey the best human emotions: love, compassion, sensitivity, devotion.
The artist says: “I want under my cutter fleeting feelings frozen forever in order to purify the souls and gladden the hearts of the people”
Gaylord Ho by himself has developed a material for his sculptures. It is called Parian II are made on the basis of marble chips mixed with porcelain powder and a bonded polymeric adhesive. This new material is much cheaper and more affordable in marble or bronze, which are traditionally used in creating sculptures. In the works of Gaylord young boys and girls are represented extremely graceful. Looking at them, it’s hard to believe they are in any way weigh. Each sculpture the author seeks to immortalize the fleeting shades of emotions on the faces of their heroes.