Top 9 reasons for Calcium Deficiency and How to treat this?


Calcium is essential for the bones, and it makes strong bones. It’s the main part of the primary structure of the skeleton. Do you know calcium is the abundant mineral found in the human body and helps you perform major functions simultaneously? Calcium is majorly in teeth and bones, and the remaining 1% is located in the blood. Here in this blog, we are going to share what causes calcium deficiency. Take a look

Insufficient amount of calcium

Low levels of calcium are found in the blood that causes bones to perform vital functions. Calcium level must be balanced. Make sure you are consuming an abundant form of calcium, depleting calcium stores in blood and causing thinning of bones.

Vitamin D deficiency

Ensure you are consuming vitamin D nutrients to enhance calcium absorption because vitamin D deficiency brings calcium deficiency—milk and other enriched products in vitamin D, phosphorus and magnesium. Vitamin D is consumed with maximum exposure to sunlight.


It causes a decrease in estrogen levels that help to maintain calcium within bones. We all know after menopause, estrogen levels got declines and bone break down increased. Take a proper diet that allows you to maintain calcium within bones.

Medical conditions

Certain cancers such as breast and prostate cancers cause calcium deficiency. It causes pancreas inflammation with a blood infection, which is responsible for low blood levels of calcium. Make sure you people are consulting doctors about the medical condition and increase intake of proper diet.

Kidney failure

People with kidney failure issues should have increased the intake of spinach, beet greens, soy beans, almonds to maximize the calcium amount. It also prevents the stones in the kidney and gallbladder.

Consumption of drugs

People in drugs addiction would have calcium deficiency, so it’s essential to quit drugs or overconsumption of alcoholic drinks. There are so many rehab centers working on drug addicts to help them in leaving this abuse. If any of your loved ones are in this abuse, they should consult the best drug rehab center, such as AdCare Treatment Center who are doing best with adequate programs. Do check them out and get rid of this because it is going to deteriorate your health.

Frequent fractures

Calcium is essential to build bones to make them stronger, and when you face frequent fractures, weak muscles are the main reason. Lack of calcium can weaken your bones, so if you even had minor bone fractures, you need to increase your diet’s calcium intake because this one would lead you to severe symptoms.

Tooth decay

Calcium is essential for teeth because its deficiency affects the teeth as well, and when you see teeth start turning yellow due to lack of calcium, this one is another reason for calcium deficiency. Children who have calcium deficiency in childhood would have tooth formation delay.

Muscle cramps

When you start feeling muscle cramps, then it means you have a calcium deficiency. Muscle ache in thighs, arms and underarms while moving and walking is the main reason for calcium deficiency. Usually, people have such types of aches that occur at night.

What diet should be included for calcium deficiency?

Calcium supplements

You can add calcium enhanced food to your diet, but supplements work well for everyone. Take calcium supplements which are available in liquid, tablets or chewable forms. This is used to treat conditions that cause hypocalcaemia. Make sure you people are taking its dosage as per the doctor recommendation.


Calcium level is increased with regular calcium injection. This treatment is preferable when diet changes and supplements don’t work. Regular calcium injection is one of the main things to treat calcium deficiency. Don’t forget to take the assistance of doctors about this type of treatment.

Dietary changes

Calcium deficiency is treated with calcium-based food intake but makes sure to consume foods rich in vitamin D and calcium, which is high in saturated fat and trans-fat. Choose a low fat and fat-free option to minimize the risk of high cholesterol level and heart disease. Ask your nutritionist for calcium source foods.

These are the reasons and dietary changes for calcium intake. Make sure you all are taking calcium supplements as well as a diet routine. Do let us know what treatment you all are following for treating calcium deficiency.


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