Stockholm-based curator opens first art exhibit featuring Scandinavian artists in her Canadian hometown of Toronto
October 2017Nordic Stories, a Scandinavian contemporary art platform, announces their North American launch with the exhibition “A Nordic Story” at Studio B. Home, in Toronto, Canada. Founder Kirsten Hinder, originally from Toronto, is excited to execute her first show in her hometown. The exhibit, opening October 28th, will feature six artists representing three Nordic countries – Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. This is the first step for the contemporary art platform in initiating cultural exchange between Canada and the Nordic Region, a long-term goal of founder Kirsten Hinder.


The exhibit “A Nordic Story” opens October 28th with a V.I.P. Vernissage and will continue until January 31, 2018. The six Scandinavian artists featured are:


Inka & Niclas Lindergård
Finland / Sweden
Inka Lindergård (b. 1985, Finland) & Niclas Holmström (b. 1984, Sweden) are an artistic duo whose work investigates how photographs form our expectations of nature and landscapes. Theiartworks are included in private and public collections internationally.


Ditte Knus Tønnesen / Denmark
Ditte Knus Tønnesen pushes the borders of the medium of Photography. Her practice –
conceptual by nature- has the photographic image as its starting point, but its destination is less clearly defined; a delightful blurring of artistic traditions, media and materials.


Petra Lindholm
Sweden /Finland

Petra Lindholm was born in Finland, in 1973. She studied at the Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm and is currently living and working in Sweden. Petra is primarily a visual artist, whose career is rooted in video, sound and photography. In recent years, she has widened her practice to include textile paintings.

 Ida Persson / Sweden
3:3, 2015
Abstract Painting
Acrylic on canvas
260 x 190 cm
 Ida Persson’s bold, 3-dimensional compositions employ a mix of architecture and illusion to communicate an ambiguous notion of power. Her work -which illuminates various forms of physical and ideological structures- is an inquiry into what sort of restrictions structures can impose, in terms of either authorizing or obstructing independent decisions and behaviors.




Jesper Dyrehauge
Jesper Dyrehauge’s artworks can be described as minimalist. And yet somewhere along the way, they surrender a strict, controlled expression in favor of playful unpredictability. There is a refreshingly human quality in these works. They do not boast a hidden agenda, but rather an understated modesty, in method and materiality. They are unpretentious and relatable.


 Ditte Ejlerskov
Ditte Ejlerskov is a Danish Contemporary artist whose artistic practice is a refreshing mix of classical abstract painting and a conceptual project-based approach. Her artworks consists of paintings, publications and prints, and each medium is is used to interpret and comment on our collective contemporary reality.
Nordic Stories recently released the first version of its thoughtfully curated website: It will profile Nordic artists, sell their artworks, and highlight noteworthy events that are currently shaping the Nordic art world. This digital platform is flexible and expansive and will be key in helping to bring the best of contemporary Nordic art under one umbrella so that it can be discovered, appreciated and collected by art enthusiasts worldwide.


About Kirsten Hinder

Nordic Stories was founded by Stockholm based Curator / Contemporary Art Consultant, Kirsten Hinder. Kirsten has degrees in Art History, Women’s Studies and Photography, as well as Master’s in International Curating, Management & Law. This -in combination with her extensive work experience in the fields of Art Direction and Gallery Management- makes Kirsten the perfect author of this Story.

“I am passionate about contemporary Nordic art. This passion will resonate in each artwork I select and exhibit, and will inspire the choices behind Nordic Stories’ thoughtfully curated collections.”

Contact Details:
Kirsten Hinder / Curator & Founder of Nordic Stories Contemporary Art


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