5 Reasons Why Artists Need Lawyers


Artists and lawyers have very few opportunities to work together. Still, when it comes to growing your business, you will want a lawyer on your team. When you’re doing well as an artist and your name is getting more and more known, there will be roadblocks and pitfalls along the way. There are plenty of reasons why an artist would want to hire a lawyer.

These reasons range from failing to understand the explicit terms of a contract to not registering your copyright or trademark and losing loads of money in the process. Or even defending yourself against potential lawsuits involving your work and needing to get a presettlement loan

The Importance of Lawyers in the Art World

1. Contract Review

Artists frequently require assistance in drafting a flexible contract template. It’s essential to have an attorney on hand in case something strange happens. It’s also important to have a lawyer analyze the contract if you haven’t had one created yet. Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney is considered the best professional in the business.

You don’t need to keep a lawyer on call, although having a person to lean on for a quick contract appraisal is helpful. Additionally, when signing a significant contract, you will need to come prepared with legal counsel by your side.

2. Copyrights and Trademarks

People tend to post artists’ artwork, designs, or photos on the internet, disregarding trademarks and copyrights. This is something you need a lawyer for. Because without one, you won’t have the capacity to stand for it. Such instances can be handled by issuing a demand letter to the perpetrators misusing your art or misappropriating it. Sending an injunction often does the trick.

3. Litigation

Usually, lawsuits in the art world arise as a result of defaulters. Still, it doesn’t have to be that way. But some artists don’t consider other options, like hiring a lawyer to deal with the situation for them. These lawyers often devote a couple of hours to write a demand note to the offenders in question.

And contrary to popular belief, hiring a lawyer makes people respect your business more and deters defaulters from joking around when they know a lawyer is involved. Besides, isn’t it wonderful having a person you can turn to when problems arise?

4. Insurance

The importance of insurance cannot be overstated. Artists should be insured for transportation, interruption of business, and their studios. Insurance for artists  protects artists from liability if something happens in their business.

Furthermore, the insurance itself is relatively inexpensive. And ultimately, it protects you if you experience an accident such as a studio injury or theft.

5. Slander and Libel

On the internet, artists might become victims of defamation and libel. Therefore, you must proceed with caution on these platforms. Additionally, be aware that everything you upload can be used against you. And many of the items you post can be accessed by many people who often misconstrue your statements.

A simple bad event with a client can and will be quickly made public, which is a type of slander.

In such a case, artists, with the help of attorneys, can draft a cease and desist letter to stop the perpetrators in their tracks.

Getting a Lawyer Saves You Money

Lawyers often have a terrible reputation for being costly. In their defense, though, skill does cost money. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want to be offered less than your creative product is worth as an artist, now, would you?

This is why artists need lawyers because, despite their high cost, they will most likely assist you in avoiding scenarios where you sell short. They may also verify that you’re setting up your business model and contracts precisely the way you need them to be to avoid unexpected future charges.


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