A self-taught Australian artist, Andy Firth


Andy Firth is a self-taught Australian artist of the social generation, known for his signature canvas: the human skull. Capturing the gentle intricacies of lives once lived, Firth’s work has captivated an engaged audience of over 2.5 million people. With international demand at an all-time high, his clientele includes Joe Rogan, Slash, Jason Momoa, Chris Brown and Nikkie Tutorials. 

For the past decade, Firth has remained widely anonymous under the title ‘Jack of The Dust’. Until now. Established in a home garage in 2013, his operation’s alluring namesake is an 1800s Royal Navy term that represents Firth’s revival of characters, cultures, and the stories that surround them. 

Each remarkably original piece is hand-made in Australia by manipulating mixed media such as acrylic, clay, and cinema-grade urethane resin imported from the U.S. to resemble skin, steel, stone, and bone. Firth’s imagination-fuelled surprise-and-delight approach to subjects and styles serves to ignite wonder, nostalgia, and belonging.

Due to overwhelming demand, Firth’s artwork is now only attainable through 4-6 public releases per year, delivered globally. As he believes feel-good art should be accessible to everyone, although the creative process takes 4 months, pieces remain at an accessible price point. 

Firth has now grown Jack of The Dust to a full-time crew of 15 and operates from two Burleigh Heads warehouses spanning 7500 square feet on Australia’s Gold Coast. Jack of The Dust exists to crack through the limits of imagination on an adventure, where the human experience is never truly dead and gone. 


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