Art, cinema, and painting – different forms of art

‘’Midnight in Paris’’ Directed by Woody Allen

The definition of art is diverse. It encompasses many unique forms of self-expression. However, in general, there are seven types of art that fall under the general collective definition of “art”. But art in any form is an expression or application of human creativity, skill and imagination. Most types of art in general can be divided into seven different forms of art. They are:

  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Literature
  • Architecture
  • Cinema
  • Music
  • Theater.

In this article we will look at cinema and painting.

What is art cinema?

Painting is a form of expressing your artistic vision using paint as the main medium. But let’s figure out what artistic movies are. Its main feature is that the director wants to convey the plot or themes before creating formulas for immediate success. It is for this reason that feature films tend to touch on topics that are not very common in conventional cinema, as a result of which, in best artistic movies, understanding becomes even more difficult if due attention is not paid.

Artistic movies tend to emphasize what the director’s view comes to, based on the subject he wants to present to us, instead of offering us a handful of famous actors who ultimately save the production. Perhaps the director chooses different methods of narrating events, such as surrealism or experimentalism, in order to evoke much more inner feelings.

As a rule, this is usually associated with independent cinema. Unfortunately, artistic movies rarely receive assistance or funding from major film studios, since actors with little fame or just starting a career are usually used.

Artistic movies can be divided into several categories such as:

  • author cinema, the one that refers to the type of films created by a particular director, which marks his own style;
  • indie movies, which are produced without funding from large film studios;
  • experimental cinema, also known as new cinema;
  • reality cinema also called cinema vérité, which emphasizes real scenes.

5 Iconic Art Movies You Need To Stream This Year

From historical dramas about the lives of famous artists and research documentaries to romantic, comedy, horror, and dramatic films set around artists and works of art, there are many cult artistic movies that you can watch right now.

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire from French director Céline Sciamma
  • Portrait Of A Lady On Fire

From French director Céline Sciamma, Portrait Of A Lady On Fire (or Portrait De La Jeune Fille En Feu) tells a story of forbidden love between the daughter of a wealthy family and the young artist commissioned to paint her portrait promised to a future husband.

  • At Eternity’s Gate

If you’re a fan of Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, this is the film for you. Led by an incredible (and Oscar-nominated) performance from Willem Dafoe, At Eternity’s Gate follows the final years of Van Gogh’s life as a mostly unappreciated artist living in France.

  • Frida

Portrayed by the incredibly talented Salma Hayek, Frida follows the private and professional life of the famed Mexican painter Frida Kahlo in Mexico City.

  • Midnight In Paris

When nostalgic novelist Gil wanders around the streets of Paris late at night for inspiration, he finds himself taken back through time and away from his fiancée to Paris’ roaring 1920s. There, he meets a few historical figures and a life he aspires to.

‘’Midnight in Paris’’ Directed by Woody Allen
  • Loving Vincent

Loving Vincent is the world’s first feature-length painting animation. It explores the suspicious death of Vincent Van Gogh through the fictional story of the protagonist, Armand.

Of course, this list can be continued indefinitely. We invite you to explore and enjoy the world of artistic movies.


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