Art podcasts to soothe the mind

Vénus s’épilait-elle la chatte ?

Podcasts are the perfect way to relax and learn from the comfort of your couch. Today we want to recommend the best art podcasts to calm the mind, awaken creativity and bring you into the magical and enchanting world of art.

MOOCs by Centre Pompidou

If you want to take your art knowledge a step further, now is the perfect time to take the Contemporary Art eLearning courses offered by the Center Pompidou. The courses are completely free and available online 24/7. It offers pre-recorded videos and fine arts quizzes. Isn`t it a great way to have fun with friends or family?

Vénus s’épilait-elle la chatte ?

As the playful title suggests, this podcast looks back at art history through a feminist lens. Art is always a reflection of the society in which it takes place. It leads to some questions that have been too often ignored regarding the role of women throughout art history.

Perhaps you have wondered why when we walk through the galleries, we always see naked women, but dressed men. Why are all grandmasters men? Host Julie Bozak provides food for thought on this topic…

L’art est la matière

L’art est la matière, a more traditional form of podcast, is broadcast every Sunday on France Culture, as it was before the Internet. Moreover, host Jean de Loisy is familiar with the theme of art and culture, as he is both an art historian and president of the Palais de Tokyo.

In each issue, he discusses the work of famous artists and movements, while showcasing the latest exhibitions of the moment. Thus, he brings a new perspective to the art of the past!

Femmes d’art

This podcast celebrates the talent of women in the art world. Each week, a new artist, curator or collector talks about her personal and professional experiences in art creativity, including her inspiration and creative vision. You can not only listen but also view their beautifully designed Instagram account for a complete sensory experience.

Le Bruit de l’art

Hosted by two young art critics, Victoria and Florian, they interview different guests every two weeks. This podcast is perfect for expanding your artistic horizons and learning more about some of the undiscovered gems of the art and culture world.

The Art Of…

Created by the British arts institute Tate, The Art of… explores a new theme in each episode, from love and belonging to memory and protest. Along the way, there are artist interviews which provide a wide range of perspectives on these lavish themes.

Bow Down: Women in Art History

Created by Frieze, Bow Down is a podcast that details women in the arts that art history has overlooked. Presented by artists, historians, writers and curators, this intellectual podcast will help you discover the female artists we should all know about, but so few of us really do.

Just 20 minutes per episode is the perfect way to get your daily dose of feminism, art and culture.


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