Boldly Building the Future Series Launches, a Collaboration Between Initiatives in Art and Culture and Mark Hanna


The inaugural conversation tackles climate in the precious metals industry.

New York, NY. December 9, 2021. Throughout history, thought leaders have gathered to problem-solve, at times kickstarting global transformation; such conversations are imperative to the positive development of society. Within the precious metals, gem and jewelry trades select issues of import are tackled, while more challenging overarching questions are often unaddressed. In response, Initiatives in Art and Culture (IAC) and Mark Hanna announce a new virtual conference series, Boldly Building the Future, to address actionable solutions to central challenges and key issues facing the jewelry industry, including the mining and refining sector. On Monday December 13, from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM EST, the inaugural conversation, Decade of Action: Climate and the Precious Metals Industry, takes place.

Grant Angwin

The discussion will address the directives of the Global Climate Conference (COP26), as it relates to industry climate action. Lisa Koenigsberg, President of Initiatives in Art and Culture, says, “Mark Hanna has had a formative influence on me and on IAC in the decade that we have worked together. More importantly, he might be termed the conscience of the industry who poses the large questions that few dare to contemplate. We are honored to embark on this critical collaboration which is based on the shared understanding that we must all work for change and have the courage to take on the large issues facing the world, among them questions of climate and risk. The earth is the ultimate heirloom, and our stewardship of it must be at the core of all that we do. No actor is exempt from addressing that over-riding concern.”

Joining a global or local coalition, transitioning financially, offering transparency for customers and employees, and risk mitigation will be discussed. Also considered are the characteristics of leadership in these complex times, navigating a business while taking a stance, communication of the commitment, and measuring a company’s footprint toward Net Zero emissions. A focus of the next conference is meaningful GHG reduction.

John Mulligan

Mark Hanna, Chief Marketing Officer, Richline says, “Brand reputation matters more than ever and the onus is on business to solve the most pressing societal issues, including climate and the environment.” Hanna continues, “given the imperatives our industry faces, I am delighted to launch such an endeavor with Initiatives in Art and Culture, which has had an express commitment to such conversations for the past two years.” He adds, “the decade of action requires such engagement from each of us, hence my involvement in this initiative.” Hanna continues “In the wake of COP26, all industry companies should be galvanized to purposefully address the future. We hope, with these sessions, to inspire rapid industry transition and swift actions toward a Net Zero industry impact. The sessions begin with attention to precious metals at the mining, refining and governance stage. Follow-on sessions will dissect the impacts and lay out the path for manufacturers and retailers to join in support of this industry imperative.”

Lisa Koenigsberg

Hard work is required to meet the mandates of responsible sourcing and practice, environmental and social awareness — all of which underpin the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and the directives of COP26. The goal of the Boldly Building the Future series is providing important, relevant direction and education as a catalyst for the transition of our industry in all things environmentally and social just. The following panelists will participate in this conversation: Ruth Crowell, Chief Executive, London Bullion Market Association (LBMA); John Mulligan, Director and Climate Change Lead, World Gold Council (WGC); Mark Hanna, Chief Marketing Officer, Richline Group; and Grant Angwin, CEO, Angwin Precious Metals Services LLC. Lisa Koenigsberg, President and Founder, Initiatives in Art and Culture (IAC), will introduce and jointly moderate.

The backgrounds of each participant are diverse and complementary, bringing a variety of perspectives and experience to the discussion. Ruth Cowell is Chief Executive, London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). In partnership with the Chairman and the Board, she is responsible for the accountability and the quality of the Association’s Membership and Good Delivery Refiners. She represents the interests of the Association to regulators, investors, media and international precious metals markets. John Mulligan, director and Climate Change Lead, the World Gold Council (WGC), the marketing and market development organization for the global gold industry, representing a substantial portion of all corporate gold production. In the more recent part of his 17-year tenure at the WGC, Mulligan has focused on research-led projects to advance our understanding of gold’s wider socio-economic and sustainability impacts. He currently leads the WGC’s initiatives on gold and climate change. Additionally, Mulligan sits on a range of working groups and industry-related committees, including the OECD’s Multi-Stakeholder Group on Responsible Minerals and the International Council on Mining and Metals’ Climate Change Working Group.  

Ruth Crowell

As Chief Marketing Officer of Richline, Mark Hanna has over 45 years in the jewelry industry. He was honored as one of the US’s top 200 CMOs and with the CMO Club’s Highest Award for Corporate Social Responsibility. In his capacity as CEO of Angwin Precious Metal Services LLC, Grant Angwin is an independent advisor to the precious metals industry who was, until recently, the President of Asahi Refining NA – the world’s largest gold and silver refiner. He now sits on the ICE Benchmark PMOC for the LBMA Gold and Silver prices. Lisa Koenigsberg is an internationally recognized thought-leader, whose work addresses the relationship between authenticity, artisanry, materials, sustainability, and responsible practice. A decade ago, she established IAC’s multi-disciplinary conference series, which focuses on gold and diamonds, and in 2020, she launched the monthly webinar series that further explores these issues.

Mark Hanna

A catalyst for change, Decade of Action: Climate and the Precious Metals Industry is the first of many conversations in a series aimed towards global transformation. The expertise and insights shared by knowledgeable authorities ensure that the conversation will enlighten even the most seasoned industry veterans.

All those participating in the jewelry supply chain are encouraged to join this virtual tour de force of innovative thinking and calls to action, in support of our planet and its resources. For complimentary registration to attend “Decade of Action: Climate and the Precious Metals Industry” click here. To learn more about Initiatives in Art and Culture, visit, call 646-485-1952, or email For press or media coverage inquiries, images, additional speaker quotes, or interviews, contact Pietra Communications at 212-913-9761 or email

About Initiatives in Art and Culture

Initiatives in Art and Culture (IAC) educates diverse audiences in visual culture, including the fine and decorative arts. A commitment to authenticity, to artisanry, and to materials undergirds all considerations undertaken by IAC, as does a mindfulness of sustainability and of our obligations to the planet.  Each IAC undertaking is marked by a commitment to bringing together representatives from every sector, with thought-leaders from other disciplines, industries, and institutions to undertake cross disciplinary approaches outside conventional industry discourse. IAC’s goal is to initiate dialogue and challenge all to integrate change without fear.

IAC’s primary activities are conferences, webinars, publications, and exhibitions that take an interdisciplinary approach, considering issues related to fabrication, connoisseurship, cultural patrimony and preservation, and the future of culture. IAC’s projects have been supported by a wide array of individual, corporate, and foundation funders.


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