Digital Innovation in Art Award Nominee 2022


6th October 2022

The award “Digital Innovations in Art” from .ART recognizes technologists whose mission is to promote innovation in the art market. ART has been presenting the innovation awards every two years for the past six years as part of Investor Allstars. This is an event that you must definitely attend in the community of entrepreneurs and investors.

Now, in the 20th year of the event’s existence, an industry-leading award ceremony is being held, attended by more than 750 global entrepreneurs and investment professionals.

Over the years, prominent figures from the art, technology, and investment sectors joined the award’s prestigious jury panel. Among the jury panel this year are:

  • a collector of crypto and digital art and a contributor to Forbes and the Observer, Elena Zavelev;
  • Anton Vidokle, an artist and editor of e-flux journal;
  • Dean Phelus, senior director of special projects at the American Alliance of Museums (AAM);
  • Rachel Sebban, the CEO at SAGA Invest, vice president of Paris chamber of commerce and a board member at a number of cultural organisations;
  • Michael Royce, the Executive Director of the New York Foundation for the Arts a U.S. based national nonprofit serving artists, cultural workers, and arts organizations;
  • Jean-Baptiste Costa de Beauregard, deputy CEO of Beaux Arts & Cie, managing the group’s publishing activities (Beaux Arts Magazine, Le Quotidien de l’Art, Beaux Arts Editions, …);
  • Adriano Picinati di Torcello, the Art & Finance coordinator for the Deloitte group of member firms.

On the eve of the special 20th anniversary Digital Innovation in Art Award 2022, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the award, we highlight some of the most inventive projects, companies, and people who participated in the competition this year. These companies researched and promoted new methods of demonstrating, categorizing, and supporting artists in the digital sphere. is an online museum of digital art. This nominee for one of the main art awards is engaged in collecting, exhibiting and empowering artists on the eternal blockchain. They provide an artistic experience for both traditional artists exploring the blockchain and other artists working in a digital format who want to showcase their art online. They demonstrate these blockchain-based digital arts to a wide online audience, thereby overcoming physical, territorial and cultural constraints. This of course made the museum one of the main nominees for this one of the main innovation awards.


P55 is a digital platform that sells traditional art like paintings, sculptures, and photographs to online buyers. They support traditional artists around the world, both in their transition to the online world and in their global expansion, overcoming physical barriers and gaining access to autonomy.

Since 2020, P55 has allowed more than 1,000 traditional artists to sell their artwork on its platform. This led to the sale of 5,000 works of art, the receipt of more than 3 million euros for their artists, and becoming the nominee for one of the main art awards.


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