Here’s What You Need To Know About Diamond Art

Girl collect diamond painting. Diamond embroidery with a pen. Closeup, selective focus

If you love crafts and things that sparkle, you surely would love diamond art. It’s a trending new hobby that seems to have gained an enormous following, especially during the pandemic lockdowns. Originating in Asia a few years back, this craft is like a fusion of cross-stitch, beadwork, and a little bit of paint by number vibe. But before you delve into this addictive and fun-filled hobby, here’s what you need to know about diamond art.

What Diamond Art Is

Diamond art, also known as diamond painting, is a form of mosaic art. You create your masterpiece by sticking colorful tiny diamond-like resins on an adhesive canvas. Diamond art kits for kids usually come with three-dimensional diamonds because the designs are easier to follow. But those who want more detailed art may choose kits with five dimensional diamonds because 5D offers more brilliance and depth.

Most diamond art kits come with complete tools and a sticky color-coded design canvas. The concept is akin to a paint by number kit, but you won’t use paint and brush. Instead, you’ll attach the diamonds to the sticky canvas using an applicator. A guide comes with every kit, so you’d know which colored diamond to glue to the appropriate number or slot.

The process of creating a diamond mosaic of a picture

Benefits Of Diamond Art

Going into diamond art is more than just doing it for art’s sake. Here are some of the benefits you get when you delve into this hobby.

  • It Could Help Ease Your Anxiety And Stress

There are many reasons to purchase diamond art kits. For one, making diamond art could help calm your nerves and ease your stress. In fact, during these pandemic lockdowns, it’s a good time to get addicted to this hobby because it could help you while away time. Not only that, but it could also help you cope with stress from a heavy workload or deal with boredom during idle times.

  • It’s A Source Of Joy And Satisfaction

Instead of wallowing in self-pity and depression during difficult times like the pandemic, you may put your efforts into hobbies that could give you joy and satisfaction. Diamond art is a popular hobby that’s easy to do and could help keep you feel relaxed and happy. No special skills are needed to start a diamond painting hobby. And finishing the artwork could help empower you to try new things or continue challenging your capabilities.

  • It’s A Side Hustle That Could Help You Earn Money

Diamond art is addicting. Once you start this hobby, you probably wouldn’t want to stop. If you love it and are good at it, you can try selling your finished work online to earn a few bucks. Diamond painting is starting to be a craze, so many people would want to have a framed diamond art to show off to friends. And since not all of them have the time or patience to finish a beautiful artwork, you can take advantage of this chance.

Tips For Diamond Art Newbies

Diamond painting may be easy to do, but it doesn’t mean there are no hacks to finishing the kit with less fuss. Here are some tips for diamond art neophytes:

  • Find A Good Place

Although diamond painting may look like a simple hobby, it’s not something you can create anywhere. It’s not like knitting or crocheting, which you can make while sitting on the couch and watching television. Diamond art requires no skill, but it needs your full attention. And since this project would require you to stick a diamond to a canvas, you’d need a workplace that has the following:

  • A flat and clean surface where you can spread the canvas
  • A comfortable chair so you can work diligently without hurting your back
  • A good source of light so you can easily see what you’re doing
  • Mind The Kids And Pets

Diamond art uses hundreds or even thousands of tiny beads, so when working on a project, ensure your canvas and tools are not accessible to toddlers or pets. Just one forceful tug of the canvas could scatter tiny unattached beads all over your workplace. Worse, if your pet or toddler sees those beads, they might eat them or accidentally insert them into their nose without your knowledge.

  • Prepare Your Canvas

After opening your kit, you might want to start immediately. But don’t get overly excited as you ought to prepare your canvas first. The new canvas would keep curling back even if you unfurl it. So to prevent the canvas from rolling while you’re working on it, let your canvas flatten out for some time before you start the project.

Use paperweight, a tablet, or heavy books to keep the canvas flat, but never try to iron it. Remember, the canvas has adhesives, so ironing it could burn or ruin it completely.

Final Thoughts

Diamond art is a fun hobby to start. Although it’s an easy craft to do, it still requires dedication, precision, and attention. But when you finish a project, you’ll surely be rewarded with a beautiful shimmering artwork you’d be proud to frame and display in your home.


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