How to Choose the Right Art For You


Choosing the right art for you might seem a little daunting. It has to suit who you are, and how you want your home to be. It has to fit with the color scheme of your home, and the size of your home. You may not even know what kind of art you want- there are more options out there than just painted wall art. Read on to discover which kind of art truly speaks to your soul.

There are so many different types of art out there that it is highly recommended that you do some thorough research before diving in and purchasing spontaneously. While purchasing art is not something that you can technically get wrong, it is a personal decision, after all, you want to make sure your choice is well thought out as it could be a big financial investment. You do not want to end up regretting it. Types of art include:

AI Wall Art

AI art is a relatively new concept. This website, which sells wall art created with Artificial Intelligence (AI) showcases vast amounts of art created through artificial intelligence tools. AI art is created through a human commanding an AI tool- the human decides what kind of art the AI should paint through these commands, and then the commands are translated into an image by the AI. As seen on the website, this art can be colorful, abstracted, based on the work of artists (such as Van Gogh and Gaudi), and so much more. This type of art is perfect for someone who wants to add a futuristic feel to their home.

Personalised Art

Personalized art always makes for a great gift. It could be personal to you and your family, for example, if you commission an artist to make a family portrait to hang up on your walls. Or it could speak more to your interests, i.e., a piece that reflects your favorite film or video game. By choosing this type of art for your home, you’re adding a more familiar depth that sets it apart from homes that are more sterile and impersonal.

Artwork of Your Heritage

If you are proud of your culture, why not display it in your house? Artwork based on your heritage can truly make your home feel like a home, personalized just for you and who you are. For example, if you are of an Aboriginal background, consider investing in Aboriginal pieces. The art tends to be a mixture of the Western sense of hymn book/illustration, depicts sacred ancestor figures, totemic plants, or animals, and is primarily religious, or at least has religious overtones.

Unique art

Art doesn’t have to be paintings. Check out these Japanese sculptures for some style inspiration for your home. Take inspiration from the crystalized rock sculptures, where the spectrum of color and light that is captured in the piece seems to emulate its surroundings. Or perhaps use LEDs to create immersive installations and generate a sense of time and endlessness by emulating a thousand twinkling stars.

Affordable Art

If you are a potential art buff but worried you can’t afford any nice pieces, there is plenty of artwork that may speak to your soul without ruining your back balance. If you dig deep into research, establish your budget, and invest in emerging artists, you will have your own art collection in no time. Emerging artists may also relate to you on a more personal level, as their art is often earnest and raw, without falling into any commercial trappings.

Abstract Art

If your home is cluttered and maximalist rather than minimalist, consider investing in some abstract art to match your space. Abstract art is all about moving past our linear understanding of objects and how we perceive reality, so it definitely classified as a more modern and futuristic expression. Generally, this type of artwork is more colorful and down to interpretation, so

if you fancy yourself a mysterious or artsy person, this could be the perfect kind of art for you.

If you have picked the style of art that you want, that’s step one complete. Next, there are a few logistical things to consider in order for the art to suit your space.

What Kind of Mood Do You Want?

It would be quite a stark contrast if you prefer your home to have a dark and stormy feel, yet you fill it with artwork that is light and cheerful. While you may be going for a multi-layered feel, with different moods scattered about the house, it may end up just seeming confusing and thus setting a disconcerting and uncomfortable tone. It is recommended that you find a mood that speaks to you, and you stick to it.

What Would Work Best with Your Colour Scheme?

No matter how beautiful the art is, or how expensive your furniture looks, if the color clashes, the whole aesthetic is ruined. It can turn a classy home into a chaotic nightmare. To avoid this, consider choosing pieces that have the same pop of color as that in your furniture. For example, if you have forest green sofas, perhaps invest in a nature piece, with splashes of the same green. Coordination can make your home seem like a lovely, comforting, and welcoming space.

What Kind of Space Are You Working With?

Logistically speaking, if your home is of a smaller size, then you probably won’t want to invest in a single piece of artwork that takes up practically the entire wall space. This can actually feel quite overwhelming and make your home seem smaller than it actually is. Instead, consider smaller pieces that will actually engage the interest of your visitors instead of just intimidating them. For bigger homes, a larger statement piece is typically a good choice.

Final Thoughts

Research is your best friend when wanting to invest in some art. While it is best to do the researching part online, it is highly recommended that you do the buying in a more physical sense. That way, you can see for yourself how much the essence of the art connects with you. There are many options to explore, so happy shopping!


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