Internationally Acclaimed Artist Bjørn Okholm Skaarup’s Grand “Circus” Installation on Display


A Koala Bassoonist! A Rhino Strongman! In Bjørn Okholm Skaarup’s grand “Circus” installation, the animals themselves are running the show.

Comprised of 33 sculptures, the installation is inspired by the late-nineteenth century circus where costumes, banners, and colors created a neo-baroque symphony of larger-than-life forms and displays. Each sculpture within the installation highlights the spectacle of color and movement celebrated by a menagerie several years in the making.

Previously showcased at Art Miami 2022 and Art Palm Beach 2023, the 6x 10-foot circus ring is inhabited by a menagerie of clowns, magicians, acrobats, dancers, and musicians. In the artist’s contemporary bestiary, or classical book of animals in bronze, each sculpture presents a whimsical story or allegory to decipher, with sources ranging from ancient fables and art history to music and modern animation. Here, the artist pays tribute to this spectacle of color and movement with a Hippo Ribbon Dancer, Rhino Strongman, Giraffe Clown, Sea Lion Juggler, Elephant Magician, Bear Roller Skater, Crocodile Tightrope Walkers, and many more.

Currently, each of the sculptures are on display at Cavalier Gallery, with locations in New York, NY, Palm Beach, FL, Nantucket, MA, and Greenwich, CT.


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