Friends from Barcelona made CovidArtMuseum on Instagram

Covid Art Museum, @soyelchicollama

Even during the Coronovirus pandemic, you can find a good idea by creating a social networking page that will be visited by tens of thousands of people every day. Such a creative idea came to three friends from Barcelona, who at Instagram created a virtual art museum about the Coronavirus during the quarantine.

As founders of The COVID Art Museum tell, such an idea has appeared at them after in a world network people began to layout and distribute the art during quarantine in self-isolation. And there are thousands of different photos, videos, animations, and a lot of creativity from which you can choose and create or a small virtual collection.

“We asked ourselves, what will happen to all these works of art that people have created while sitting in their homes? So we thought of a digital museum that would collect all this ‘coronavirus art’,” says Irene Llorca, one of the creators of the virtual museum. According to her, every day the artists send 30 to 50 new works. To do this, you need to fill out a Google form: provide contact details, information about the author and send a picture of a painting or other work. From the works sent, the curators select those that most reflect the situation and were created during the quarantine.

Once new works stop coming in, the museum will continue to exist as an archive of “coronavirus art” and will demonstrate how the artists presented their experiences during the pandemic.

The COVID Art Museum (CAM) is on Instagram (@CovidArtMuseum) and is the first of its kind. The virtual museum now has over 69,000 fans and the number is growing daily.


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