December 5-10

M HERRINGTON GALLERY returns to Scope Miami Beach 2023 with a collection of new national and international artists. The Los Angeles-based gallery is owned and run by contemporary abstract artist Melissa Herrington, known for her captivating large-scale paintings. Her creations artfully combine paint, graphite, charcoal, and pigment to explore the theme of transformation. Through the organic and fluid textures within her work, Herrington seeks to provoke deep contemplation.⁠

Artwork that will be featured at this year’s show includes Herrington’s iconic large-scale, abstract paintings. Built up through layers of paint on canvas, each painting is overlaid with mark-making using graphite, charcoal and pigments.

Herrington’s newest works explore the complexities of transformation. Each functions as both an individual entity and as a part of a larger theme of process. At the heart of Herrington’s artistic practice is an unmistakable relationship between distilled color and form. Standing before a singular canvas in this series, one is immediately drawn in by a strong and powerful presence, with painterly veils and swathes of solid color that are paused mid flow. There is a balance of figure and ground creating a powerful and delicate tension. As contoured shapes emerge from the abstract, the viewer is witness to form revealing, creating new visual possibilities, evoking a sense of joy and wonder.

Additional artists that will be featured are Kristen HartAngela and Gabriel CollazoBrett Loving, and Chrys Roboras. SCOPE attendees can visit booth D27 to view the works.


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