Raphael Paintings You Should Know

The Triumph of Galatea, Raphael

Raphael Santi was born in 1483 in Urbino, Italy. His father introduced him to the basics of painting. Later, Raphael studied with the painter Pietro Perugino and became one of the greatest artists of his time. We will show some works of famous Raphael paintings, the Renaissance masterpieces.

Sistine Madonna

Sistine Madonna was commissioned in 1512 by Pope Julius II for the Church of San Sisto in Piacenza. This famous painting by Raphael is currently in the Old Masters Gallery in Dresden, Germany. For the first time, the pair of angels was copied separately from the rest of the work in 1803, which eventually led to the emergence of entire marketing companies with their images, from stamps and postcards to sheets and wrapping paper.


This is another fresco from the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican. In the upper part, we can see the image of Christ surrounded by the Virgin Mary, John the Baptist, and other biblical figures, including Moses and Adam. God is above Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is at the feet of Christ. The lower part of the fresco depicts various saints, bishops, popes, priests, and worshippers. If you look at this Raphael famous painting closely, you can see Dante Alighieri in a laurel crown on the right side, symbolizing his poetic greatness.


This Raphael famous painting was commissioned by Cardinal and future Pope Giulio de’ Medici. Transfiguration was the last Raphael’s work before his death in 1520. The painting was the culmination of his artistic career.

The Three Graces

One of the famous Raphael’s paintings depicts three graces from classical mythology. The figures are drawn according to classical concepts. Although the artist tried to depict the anatomy of women realistically, this work is not as refined as his later works.


The Raphael’s famous painting is currently in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. It is believed that Raphael painted it between 1504 and 1506, although its authenticity has been questioned from time to time. This is mainly due to the poor condition of the painting. This did not allow art historians to attribute it to Raphael. Nevertheless, he has become perhaps the most recognizable image of the artist.

The Marriage of the Virgin

This magnificent oil painting, painted in 1504, shows the betrothal ceremony of Mary and Joseph. It is believed that a painting by Pietro Perugino on the same theme served as inspiration for Raphael when he was working on his own version.

The Triumph of Galatea

This is a fresco that Raphael painted for the Villa Farnese in Rome. Greek mythology tells about the beautiful Galatea, who fell in love with a peasant shepherd. In this scene, Raphael shows Galatea surrounded by centaurs and sea creatures, including triton (half human, half fish), who kidnaps a sea nymph.


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