RTA vs. Pre-Assembled Cabinets: Choose the Best for Your Renovation


Embarking on a renovation project, be it in the kitchen or bathroom, presents a myriad of decisions, with cabinetry being one of the most significant. Today, we delve into the distinctions between Ready to Assemble (RTA) and Pre-Assembled cabinets, equipping you with the knowledge to make the best choice for your home improvement endeavors. Understanding the fundamental differences between these two options is key to a decision that aligns with your project needs.

Ready to Assemble Cabinets: A DIY Enthusiast’s Delight

RTA cabinets are delivered in a flat-packed format, requiring assembly either by yourself or a professional installer. These cabinets offer several advantages for renovation planning. One notable benefit is their storage convenience before installation; they can be easily kept aside if you’re not ready to install them immediately upon delivery. The flexibility of RTA cabinets also lies in their on-site construction, allowing for more adaptability during the renovation process.

For DIY enthusiasts, RTA cabinets are an excellent choice. However, it’s crucial to research and understand the assembly process to determine if this is a feasible project for you. At The Cabinets Bay, we offer an extensive selection of RTA cabinets, catering to a variety of preferences and styles.

Pre-Assembled Cabinets: The Hassle-Free Alternative

If you prefer to minimize the hands-on aspect of your project, Pre-Assembled cabinets might be the ideal option. These cabinets arrive fully constructed, ready to be integrated into your project space, saving significant time and effort that would otherwise be spent on building from scratch. Your designer can collaborate with you to ensure an optimal fit for your space.

It’s important to note that Pre-Assembled cabinets, due to their size, may pose storage challenges if not installed immediately upon delivery. Their larger, heavier packaging requires more space and possibly additional help for handling.

An exciting feature of Pre-Assembled cabinets is the option for custom coloring. With over 1000 Sherwin Williams colors available, our design team at The Cabinets Bay is ready to assist in selecting the perfect custom hue for your project.

Your Partner in Renovation: The Cabinets Bay

Whether your preference leans towards the DIY-friendly RTA cabinets or the convenience of Pre-Assembled options, The Cabinets Bay has got you covered. We pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing and a diverse selection to meet the unique requirements of your upcoming renovation project. With us, you’re not just choosing cabinets; you’re embracing a partnership that’s committed to bringing your renovation vision to life.


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