Samara Couri premiered “Wheel of Reflections,” at The Other Art Fair in Los Angeles


Oahu-based artist explores the theme of unity with 3D art.

Oahu, Hawaii—May 17, 2024—Renowned artist Samara Couri debuted her latest exhibition,
Wheel of Reflections at The Other Art Fair in Los Angeles. An original collection of oil on mirrors 3D art, Wheel of Reflections along with her transformative paintings, explore the theme of unity against the backdrop of social inequalities. This captivating exhibition challenges perceptions and inspires a sense of community and understanding across diverse audiences.

“At its core, this exhibition aims to reflect the beauty and complexity of human connection,” says Samara Couri. “It’s about recognizing ourselves in others, regardless of our differences.”

Samara Couri, known for her innovative approach to fine art, utilizes the reflective properties of mirrors combined with the depth and texture of oil painting to create immersive pieces that invite viewers to see themselves within the artwork. This technique not only bridges the gap between the observer and the observed but also symbolizes the potential for empathy and connection in overcoming societal divides. Moreover, Couri’s masterful use of mirrors allows her to depict parallel, divergent realities within a single piece.

About Samara Couri

Samara Couri, originally from London, obtained her degree in Fine Art and has exhibited in many prestigious galleries worldwide. Now based in Hawaii and LA, she explores the Hawaiian people’s culture, history, language, and philosophy, reflecting their spirit through her work. 

Primarily using oil on mirror, her paintings transform into immersive 3D pieces, altering perspectives and angles of the subject matter. Her art explores themes of unity amidst social inequalities, offering a platform to humanity and our perceptions of one another.

Samara’s work encourages conversations about societal change, stepping out of comfort zones, and fostering understanding and healing. By painting on mirrors that face and reflect one another, she creates pieces that compel viewers to engage deeply, potentially facing their own inner demons, finding peace, or feeling a sense of belonging. Her installations become psychological halls of mirrors, where everything is laid bare for introspection and connection.

Samara holds a B.A. in Fine Art Painting from the City and Guilds of London Art School (2007-2010).

Selected ExhibitionsThe Other Art Fair, Santa Monica, CA; Site: Brooklyn Gallery, Artists of Hawaii (juried exhibition at the DAC), Honolulu, HI; Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Gloria Delson Contemporary Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Open Studio at Euroarts Studio, London, UK; Menier Gallery, London, UK; Times Square Takeover, NY, NY; Portico Gallery, London, UK; Bankside Gallery, London, UK; Queens Elm Gallery, London, UK; Queens Elm Gallery, London, UK, Gallery 27, London, UK; Vyner Street Gallery, London, UK; Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, UK; The Arts Club Mayfair, London, UK, Artist in Residence at ‘PAF’, St Erme Outre et Ramecourt, France

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