Succession villain Logan Roy picks out his favourite (child-eating) picture at the Prado


The latest season of the hit TV show Succession has got tongues wagging (again)—will the tyrannical head of the media giant News Corp, Logan Roy, finally get his comeuppance in the final outing for the dynastic drama? Roy is played by the ebullient actor Brian Cox who recently popped up on the Instagram feed of the Prado museum in Madrid, extolling the joys of Francisco Goya’s bizarre 1820 masterpiece Saturn which shows the mythological god munching on one of his kids. “This is the painting to describe Logan Roy—Saturn eating his children, which is a bit harsh I think,” quips Cox in an Insta reel. Who he could be referring to among the Roy offspring—tortured Kendall, scheming Shiv and japester Roman—remains a mystery of course (our money’s on Kendall).


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