The legendary couples of the art world

Dora Maar and Pablo Picasso

In this article, we recall the love stories of the most talented and brightest creative people from the art world. For each of these artistic couples, strong feelings became fateful: for some, love brought fame, for others, oblivion and even death.

Dora Maar and Pablo Picasso

Dora Maar is a talented artist and photographer, author of amazing photographs. She was next to Picasso in difficult times but remained in his shadow. The first meeting between Maar and Picasso took place on the set of the film “The Crime of Monsieur Lange.” Pablo was then 54, he did not attach much importance to the acquaintance, and the charming maestro captured Dora.

Unfortunately, after Dora’s meeting with Picasso, the career of a young artist, one might say, ended. All her works seemed insignificant in the rays of Picasso’s glory. In addition, Pablo knew how to suppress his beloved women, and in return, he surrounded them with incredible energy. No muse could resist.

In 1945, a mental crisis led Maar to a psychiatric clinic, leaving where she rarely saw Picasso. But they will forever go down in history as one of the most famous art couples.

Dali and Gala

Salvador Dali and Gala at an exhibition in New York, 1940

When Dali and Elena Dyakova, that was actually Gala’s name, met, he was 25, and she was 35. The young artist returned from Paris, where he was editing the film “Andalusian Dog”, and invited two secular artistic couples to visit him: one of the invited couples was the poet Paul Eluard and his wife, Gala.

The romance between the artist and his muse began instantly. Gala left her husband and 11-year-old daughter, later she said that she wasn`t interested in children. Gala was not only a muse for Dali. She studied the profession of a producer and agent and advertised her husband, hitting the thresholds of galleries and collectors.

This couple stayed together for over half a century. In 1969, Dali, who was very fond of beautiful gestures, presented his wife with a medieval castle.

Marc and Bella Chagall

The image of Bella’s wife accompanied the famous Russian and French artist Marc Chagall throughout his entire career. Bella became the main woman not only in his life, but also in painting. The love story of an almost impoverished artist and the daughter of a jeweler formed the basis of the famous series of paintings by Marc Chagall “The Lovers”.

It seemed that they could not be together: Bella predicted a career as an actress, and Mark could barely make ends meet. Feelings flared up between the two young people almost immediately, but they managed to become a happy family only a few years later.

Mark had to leave for Paris for 4 years, which gave an impetus to his career, but Bella believed that he would definitely return – and it happened. The Story of a Traveling Artist by Jackie Woolschleger describes the love story of one of the most famous art couples.

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

The love story of Frida and Diego, which some call monstrous, did not begin immediately. When Frida first met Diego she was too young to start the affair. Passion broke out a few years later thanks to painting. Once a young artist, Frida, brought her works to Rivera. He was amazed by her style and energy.

And although Frida’s parents were against marriage to an adult with a bad reputation, Diego, Frida, and Rivera got married. After that, family life began, in which there was everything: pain, happiness, love, and betrayal. Frida and Diego are one of the most talked about and famous art couples.

Amedeo Modigliani and Jeanne Hebuterne

The talented Italian painter and sculptor and his muse, model, and wife loved each other so much that they could not live without each other. Jeanne Hebuterne committed suicide at the age of 21, the day after Modigliani’s death.

Their acquaintance took place in 1917 when Zhanna was a 19-year-old student at the Colarossi Academy. She posed for Amadeo, and so their relationship began. The art of her beloved inspired the young artist, she managed to make progress in her work. Dating in the workshop eventually turned into a desire to live together, and Hebuterne, despite the protests of her relatives, moved to Modigliani.

In 1920, tuberculosis claimed the life of the artist, Hebuterne could not survive this loss and threw herself out of the window of her parent’s house, but her image continues to live today on the artist’s immortal canvases.


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