The List of Art Instagram Platforms to be Following Right Now

Hello Artists` Instagram

Instagram has proven to be one of the best places to find new art and subscribers to new artists. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best art accounts now and help you find your favorite new artists and get to know the latest works of art.

The range of works of art uploaded to Instagram daily seems endless. This way of getting to know art is undoubtedly exciting, useful and innovative for the world of contemporary art. We have compiled a selection of the best art platforms in our opinion at the moment.


Mothflower is a new online gallery with a rapidly growing audience. The strong aesthetics of this art platform combines the unearthly with the bold, the new with the old and the surreal with the intimate. This is one of those rare accounts whose feed is constantly innovative and attractive. Mothflower advocates a partnership between craftsmanship and concept and plays an important role in promoting a new wave of hazy and emotional folk art.

Painters Painting Paintings

This platform shows just how vital painting is in the history of art and in its future. This art influencer represents realism in all its many forms, from the delicate and observant to the dramatic and intuitive. Its art is diverse, irresistible and completely original.

Hello Artists

Hello Artists is a platform focused on, but not limited to, photography. Each photography on this art platform presents itself as a short story, introducing its audience to a sequence of characters, cultures and narratives that instantly draw you in.

One of the best art platforms is curated by Barcelona-based Art Director and painter Pau Lart, whose account is also worth a follow.

Another Kind

The art platform is managed by James Chester, art director and founder of the one-of-a-kind vintage specialist company. And it’s his way of sharing what inspires him, as well as some of his own creative projects. It’s impossible to guess what James’ next post will be, what story will be told in his stream of surreal and seductive images.


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