Three New Arcade Games Available on Online Casino Australia Platforms


Arcade games are an interesting genre, as every title in it is unique. The players enjoy it a lot, and every time new games are added to the category, the community is eager to explore them. This time, online casino Australia platforms added three brand new arcade games to their lobbies, so it would be worth it to learn about them before opting in.


All the titles on this list were developed by Hacksaw Gaming, which is a relatively popular online casino Australia software provider. The company decided to enter the growing niche of arcade games and developed three interesting titles at once. The first of them is Plinko, and many players already know what this game is all about.

In Plinko, the gamblers will see a pyramid with a ball on top of it and obstacles placed on the way to the bottom. The floor of the pyramid is split into multiple sections, and each of them is responsible for a different multiplier. Logically, when the ball is launched, it bumps into the obstacles on its way that are constantly changing its direction. It will inevitably fall into one of the sections on the floor, and the bet of the player will be multiplied by the coefficient represented on that section.

The rules above are applicable to all modern editions of Plinko, but the new edition of the game created by Hacksaw Gaming has something else to offer. On top of the core features, it offers the players a ton of customization options: they can change the number of rows, the level of risk, and enable and configure the Autoplay feature.


The second title on the list is also rather interesting to explore. The Coins game is essentially a variation of Coin Flip, which is a rather popular RNG-based title. The core feature of the game is flipping a coin, but once again, Hacksaw Gaming managed to make it more interesting.

First of all, in this arcade title, the players don’t choose the side of the coin they are betting on: they only win if it lands on heads. But at the same time, the gamblers are capable of choosing the number of coins on the screen, which adds another layer of customization to the experience.

Increasing the number of coins on the screen results in decreasing the chance to win, as all of them have to land on heads. The good news is that the payout increases correspondingly: with one coin, the bet will be multiplied by x1.92, while with twelve coins, the multiplier is x3,932.16.

The game is simple and intuitive, making it a perfect choice for beginners. The replay value is not as huge, but it is still a nice title to try out. It is also perfectly optimized for mobile devices: it is comfortable to play Coins on the go.


The last title by Hacksaw Gaming that was added to online casino Australia websites is called Mines. The key mechanics of this title are similar to the classic Minesweeper game, although it does not tell the number of mines next to the selected cell.

Instead, the player can choose one of the cells that either contains a diamond or a mine. Stumbling upon a mine ends the round and voids the bet, while opening a diamond cell increases the multiplier for the player’s bet. After opening a diamond, it is possible to either collect the bet with the current multiplier or continue unlocking cells.

The experience is very simple but the game is thrilling enough. It became rather popular on online casino Australia platforms, as it is very beginner-friendly and well-optimized. Just like the previous games, it has a set of customization options that make the experience even more comprehensive and add a ton of replay value to the title.


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