Top 7 health benefits of lavender for everyone


We all might have heard about the usage of the lavender plant, including in every skincare, hair care and scent. Lavender is a flowering plant with a sweet floral aroma. It was a holy herb in ancient times because of its light scent but let me add one thing here it is more than a fragrant plant. You would see lavender in the form of essential oils and the dried form of a flower. This herb is commonly used in so many therapies and medicines here in this blog; we will share some of its health benefits for skin, hair and health. Let’s have a look

Best for treating acne

Lavender oil is one of the best natural ingredients which is considered to get rid of acne troubles. This oil has anti-inflammatory properties and antiseptic to fight bacteria which is the main reason for acne and inflammation. Just take the lavender drops and apply them to the acne blemishes with cotton, and you would be amazed by the results.

Relieve eczema or psoriasis

You may have seen numerous people facing embarrassing skin conditions such as eczema. To get rid of this, take lavender oil in hand and apply it all over the body because it gives you relief from itchiness and somehow reduces eczema symptoms. It adds moisture to the irritated area and starts the healing process. Lavender oil is diluted in a carrier oil and always use for this purpose.

Improves sleep

These days, numerous people are sleep deprived and seeking the best ways to sleep, so lavender has a solution that helps you take the best rest. Make sure you people have cut down the caffeine intake and add exercise for improving sleep. This is important because sometimes, remedies won’t work if we don’t follow the proper lifestyle. Place a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow before going to sleep. Don’t ingest this because it would be harmful to health. Try this out tonight, and you would feel the difference in your sleeping routine than before.

Apply it as a toner

Lavender works best as a toner because it firms the skin. It boosts circulation with a sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrition to skin cells. It rejuvenates skin, and it’s quite easy to make lavender toner at home. Add lavender buds in boiled water to completely submerge. Let it there for a few hours. Strain the mixture in a glass bottle and refrigerate it. Apply this toner on a cotton pad and wipe your face gently or spray to make your skin fresh like a toner.

Treat for reducing anxiety and depression

Lavender oil is useful for dealing with anxiety and depression. You may have seen so many people involved in drug addiction to get rid of stress, but their situation got worse day by day. They may have to stay in drug rehab for the necessary treatment. Numerous drug rehabs are dealing with such issues  such as Recovery First Treatment Center is one of the leading drug rehab centers dealing with anxiety as well as depression. But so far to get instant results It is best to place the lavender plant in the corner of a room or keep a few lavender stems in a small vase. Its aroma will relieve your stress and keep you calm for so long. Lavender is best to repel mosquitoes as well.

Deals headache

Nowadays the headache is prevalent, and many of you are suffering from migraine. If you seek relief from migraine, massage your temples, neck and forehead with lavender oil to relieve yourself. Various studies have shown how inhaling lavender for at least 15 minutes would reduce migraines to some extent.

Relief in proper digestion

If you have abdominal pain, vomiting, bleaching, and burning in the stomach, lavender is best to promote bile secretion. It relieves gas and constipation as well. Drink lavender tea to solve intestinal disorders—Cook one tablespoon of lavender buds with boiling water and make tea.

These are some benefits of lavender oil, and you would see the miraculous benefits of this. Breast-feeding mothers and pregnant ladies should avoid this and similarly for children it is not safe unless they haven’t reached adolescence. Check it out its benefits and use this as per your needs. Do let us know how much it was useful for your health and skin.


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