Top 7 Music Schools in the USA 2022


Some students want to pursue a career in music however, they are often confused about which school they should opt for to further their career. There are many schools in the US that offer music as a subject and counsel students on how to further pursue their passion. Here are some popular schools for music in the US.

Stanford University

A good option for learning music is Stanford. It offers Bachelor’s, Master and Doctorate degrees in music. You can find many dissertations related to music in the Stanford library and may also be able to write one of your own. If you struggle with organizing your thoughts while writing you can always pay someone for an essay and get your dissertation written. As the name suggests, it is located at Stanford and is a private university. It ranks 3rd in the 2576 schools present in the nation.

The University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame is one of the most popular universities for learning music. It is located in Notre Dame and is a nonprofit university. The influx of students is huge every year. It stands at #15 when ranked out of 2576 schools across the nation. However, it only offers a Bachelor’s in music. To pursue a degree beyond that level you’d have to choose another school.

Cornell University

If you are searching for a university that offers the best courses for a degree in music, then you should opt for Cornell University. It is located in Ithaca city, ranking 16. The faculty is experienced and students have a good experience of learning from this university. It has a 15% increase in the number of graduating students and offers degrees from bachelors to masters in music.

Duke University

If you want to pursue a music degree, Duke University is one of the best options. It is a private university which is in Durham. It also has a huge number of students. Since it ranks 9th in 2576 colleges it is very popular. The highest level of degree that it offers is a Doctorate. You may also want to write your own paper after your Doctorate degree. With reliable paper writing services, you can always find essay help USA wide. So you can easily pursue further education once you are done with your Bachelor’s.

Colgate University

Colgate University is a comparatively new university situated in Hamilton. It is a private university. However, students graduating from this university are confident and competent in their professional life ahead. It offers a Bachelor’s music degree. So far, 6 students have graduated from the university. It has a good campus life, and it also has a competent faculty of teachers that help students pursue their passion.

Northwestern University

Northwestern University is another popular choice among students to learn music from. They are offered Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees at Northwestern University. The university is a private institution located in Evanston. It stands at 14th position in 2576 universities and the graduates are pretty competent and get better salaries when they step into the professional world. So, it is a very popular choice for students who wish to pursue a career in music.

Lafayette University

If you are looking for music schools in Easton, then Lafayette University is a good choice. Out of 134 schools in Pennsylvania, it ranks #6. While it is not very commonly heard of, it offers a Bachelor’s in music. In 2020, 4 students were awarded a Bachelor’s degree in music and that made it stand at #804 out of all the colleges that offer a music degree. It is also one of the few schools that offer scholarships to students pursuing a music degree.


Music is a growing industry in the US. Figures on Statista show that the music industry had a revenue of 20 billion dollars in 2018 which has been constantly increasing for the years after that. This is why many students have decided to pursue it seriously. However, they may not be aware of schools offering music as a subject. This article gives the list of popular music schools in the US.

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