Wet Paint in the Wild: Art Production Fund Director Casey Fremont Shows Us What Goes Into Throwing a Gala—and How to Recover From It


Ahh, gala season. Another springtime is upon us, and with it comes the deep-pocketed, high-glamour parties that cost more than my rent to attend (for a cause!). From my point of view, the Art Production Fund’s annual soiree has historically been the most extravagant, thanks mostly to the nonprofit’s executive director, Casey Fremont (daughter of Vincent Fremont, the former manager of Andy Warhol’s Factory).

For the week of the gala, I thought it’d be interesting to see what goes into throwing such a high-profile party. Let’s take a look…

First a visit to Rockefeller Center, this time to see Joel Gaitan’s gorgeous “Art in Focus” installation, presented by Art Production Fund. Joel’s anthropomorphic terracotta vessels and vinyl murals appear throughout the public spaces, and I suggest starting your tour in the lobby at 45 Rock (entrance behind Atlas). Joel is represented by one of my faves, Katia Rosenthal of Miami-based KDR305. The work is on view until April 23rd so CHECK IT OUT.

Thrilled to be in town for Jasmine Wahi’s Project for Empty Space gala. I was hosted by Michi Jigarjian, and got to catch up with one of my all-time favorite art world goddesses, Isolde Brielmaier. The night was filled with inspiring speeches and celebrated brilliant women, including my gal Sarah Arison.

We turned my parents’ apartment into a WeWork leading up to the APF gala. In one room my father (Vincent Fremont) was preparing for the upcoming Brigid Berlin show at Vito Schnabel Gallery, curated by Alison Gingeras.

In another room was the seating chart. Kathleen Lynch, Michelle Hellman, and I arrange and rearrange every single seat at the gala for days. I love puzzles and seating a room of 330 people is the ultimate. As tempting as it may be, never be the person who switches your seat assignment at an event.

Rachelle Hruska MacPherson’s birthday party at the new Cafe Chelsea felt very appropriate for my Brigid Berlin-filled week. Brigid starred in Warhol’s Chelsea Girls and was a resident of the hotel in the ’60s. The new Sean MacPherson renovation is so beautiful.

Followed by dinner at Le rock and SNL with my girlfriend Madeleine Fawcett! A dream come true for a born-and-raised New Yorker, and it’s a no-photo zone, so this is all I got. I will say that the dance the set designers do setting up skits during commercial breaks is wild!

Gala day, and the first time I saw the giant martini olives (perfectly executed by artist Ryan Metke) for our photo moment. Complete with the Saks cocktail pick: life-size versions of which were in every martini served. We labor over every damn detail of the event.

Lutfi Janania mid installation. We commissioned Lutfi and the Rosalila team to create the most perfect summer camp, moonlit lake-inspired sculptural floral artwork for the event.

The iconic lounge at The Grill taken over by Maria Tash for piercings! Gala guests could choose their jewelry, and really make it a night to remember.

I went first.

The next day, after nourishing our tired bodies with pasta, pizza, and champagne, I took a long, exhausted, sunset walk with new APF board member Vanessa Bonami, who was in town from Milan.

Still in post-gala recovery, but made it to a celebratory lunch at our home at L’Avenue with director of operations Kathleen Lynch, and APF board members Dan Tanzilli and Vanessa Bonami. We order the spring rolls, and end with the cheesecake.

Made it in time to see hour six of Miles Greenberg’s durational performance “Fountain II” at Pace.

My last night in New York with rooftop cocktails at Casa Cipriani with Vanessa, Michael Chuapoco, and APF board member Mike De Paola.

My darling husband picked me up at LAX and took me straight from the airport to see APF’s newest project, Sanford Bigger’s at the Hammer. We’ve once again partnered with Marianne Boesky to present the sculpture, which was originally commissioned by APF for Rockefeller Center in 2021. It will be on view on the corner of Wilshire and Glendon for a year!

Home to my babies. Pearl and Carl have a complicated relationship, but they’ll be best friends eventually.

Someone was home from school, so I had a companion for the day.
We had the best time working together and discovering new places to develop film in L.A!


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