Wet Paint in the Wild: New York Dealer Ellie Rines Jets Off to Las Vegas and Hosts an Unofficial Max Fish Reunion


Regular readers of my column know that Ellie Rines is a recurring cast member in the sitcom that is Wet Paint. For the uninitiated, I’ll tell you why: The intrepid founder of 56 Henry is one of those rare art world forces that fosters a real sense of inclusive community within the exclusive art scene, whether by way of a backgammon league for lesbians in the art world, a jet-skiing adventure during Art Basel Miami Beach, or the frequent street parties that her openings inspire.

So when she told me she’d be jetting off to Las Vegas for Bortolami’s group show in a Greyhound bus station, I had to give her a camera so I could see what I’d be missing. Let’s take a look…

On the way to Vegas with my best friend Will NYC. Will always has my back and I like to keep him as close as possible—thank god for Basic Economy.

Vegas Baby! Koichi Sato and Jonas Wood at the opening of the Bortolami “Artist / City” exhibition in a defunct Greyhound bus station. Susumu Kamijo, the third artist in the presentation, must be hitting the slot machines.

Heather Harmon, Bill Brady, Lisa Schiff, SeeSaw Founder Ellen Swieskowski, and my best friend Will NYC at the cocktail reception. Silent killers, all five of them. Watch your wallet.

My mentor, Stefania Bortolami, toasting the artists from the top of a moving escalator. Always on the move, this one.

Back in New York on Avenue B, 56 Henry director Era Myrtezaj and Ian Svenonious, the last living rockstar, send our Monday emails.

Ian Svenonoious and an Al Freeman, Jr. boyfriend pillow.

New York’s favorite artist Jack Pierson and Ian at his book signing.

Leo Fitzpatrick and Brian DeGraw DJjng the “Against the Written Word” book signing at 105 Henry.

Without Jamian Juliano-Villani, a party is simply a meeting. Sadie Laska, Era, Jamian, and Billy.

Max Fish secret pop-up.

Riding the bus home.

Our favorite visitors from Japan, “Mirai’s crew.”

Don’t Speak, I know what you’re thinking, so please stop explaining, don’t tell me cause it hurts, yeah, yeah Jun, Mirai and Koichi.

Nate Lowman + Al Freeman Princess necklace.

A very large shipment—almost complete!

Era and I cooked dinner—shocked?

Lunch at Jessica Craig-Martin’s apartment.


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