What Causes White Hair at Early Age? Some Remedies!


For most people, white hair indicates growing old and wiser. What happens when you get grey hair in your teens or early twenties? Most people start to flip and get stressed when they see white hair growing. You cannot figure out what you could do wrong to get white hair at a young age.

There can be a few reasons why people get white hair even before they reach their mid-twenties. This article explores a few reasons you could be getting white hair. Also, we are discussing some prevention tips to get your shiny black locks back. Let’s begin!

Cause of White Hair at an Early Age!

There are many causes of white hair and things you could be doing wrong. Inflammation and disrupted bodily functions can also be prime factors of white hair at an early age. What does inflammation mean? Inflammation of the scalp can be due to oxidative stress, causing itching and soreness. It can contribute to white hair or loss of beneficial nutrients. Let’s have a look at some of the causes of white hair at an early age:

1.     Stress

We all have heard how stress can contribute to many body ailments. One of the major reasons why people get white hair at a very young age is because of stress. Stress can disrupt body functions and drain you mentally and physically. Hence, most doctors ask their patients to reduce stress and try to relax their minds.

If you are getting white hair early, you must reduce stress. Many activities and drills help with stress management. You can also look for online courses that help reduce stress levels significantly.

2.     Genetics

Genetics plays a pivotal role in our appearance, physical limitations, hair texture, etc. Sometimes, you can get premature white hair because of your genetics. If your parents or grandparents started having white hair early, you could also get it at a young age. There is not much you can do to change your genetics, but giving proper nutrition to your body helps.

If you have scalp inflammation, you can have a few supplements or medication to help remediate that. Is acetaminophen anti inflammatory? You can try it out for inflammation, but getting to the root cause is necessary. If you have vitamin and mineral deficiencies, try to combat those by taking supplements.

3.     Smoking and Drinking

Smoking and drinking are some of the contributors to white hair. Most people smoke every day, which can lead to aging and white hair faster. Any oxidative stress and exposure to toxins can harm your body. Hence, it is essential to incorporate healthy habits in your life if you want luscious black hair.

Tips to Prevent White Hair!

To get premature gray hair, you must make some lifestyle changes. Here are a few things to incorporate in your life to enhance hair health:

●      Have More Antioxidants

We don’t have foods with antioxidants as often, but they are important to maintain our overall health. Antioxidants are great for promoting hair health and reducing oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is one of the biggest contributors to white hair, and having antioxidants can combat that. Ensure you have many citrus fruits, turmeric, and seafood to get your desired hair.

●      Stop Bleaching Your Hair

Most of us like to try different hair colors, which also require bleaching. Bleaching is one of the worst things to do, making your hair much more fragile and dehydrated. It can also make your hair turn gray faster. If you bleach your hair often, it is essential to stay away from it. You must go to a professional for hair services and ask for minimum damage color. If you dye your hair often, try consistently with aftercare to minimize damage.

●      Avoid Sun Exposure

Harsh sunlight can be quite damaging to your hair and skin. You can protect your skin by wearing a highly effective SPF, but you cannot do much for your hair. If you go out in the sun often, your hair will lose its color and gray faster. You must wear a headscarf, cap, or umbrella to protect your hair from exposure to direct sun.

Final Verdict

White hair at an early age is quite common for several reasons. When you know the reason, it can be easier for you to tackle the root cause. Caring for your hair and using the right products to manage it is essential. Try to fix your diet and have a good multivitamin to manage hair health, and avoid heat style them too much.


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