Heart Is Throwing Of Tenderness … Artist Richard Ramsey


Richard Ramsey is a famous photo artist – a portraitist. He has been engaged in photography for over thirty years. But Richard Ramsey is also a great master of converting photography into artistic digital painting, it is this activity that made him famous.

For 12 consecutive years, Richard Ramsey deservedly received the “Tennessee Professional Photographer” award (Best Professional Photographer of the State of Tennessee).

The artist lives and works in the city of Memphis. Memphis is located in the southern part of the United States, on the Mississippi River. This is the largest city in Tennessee.

Richard Ramsey is a great master, with a great kind heart! After all, to do professionally children’s photography, you need something more than just the ability to take pictures; Need a real love for children, patience, the ability to communicate with them and observe …, be able to put your child to yourself. Richard Ramsey is a great psychologist and teacher, he knows how to become a friend for the child, and this gives children the opportunity to show them the most sincere and lively emotions.

Looking at the work of Richard Ramsey, the heart melts with tenderness.

Each work of Richard Ramsey is filled with emotional depth. These are the children’s eyes burning with joy, their spontaneity, and motherly love and tenderness … Every moment captured by the artist requires a lot of experience and skill. Therefore, photos of Richard Ramsey are so touching.