Spotlight on Michelle Blade


Artist Michelle Blade completed her first solo exhibition with a unique approach to ethereal art.

Blade’s paintings and installations had been exhibited extensively around the world from her home town of San Francisco across to Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Tokyo, London and Copenhagen.

For close to a year Michelle had made a painting every single day. This rigorous daily practice is part of a project called 366 Days of the Apocalypse, in which she made one new painting a day that’s inspired by and pays tribute to the apocalyptic prophecies surrounding 2012. Michelle describes this process as the most challenging project she has ever done.

“I’m truly exhausted by and thrilled about what’s come out of it. The project has become about my relationship with art making.”

Her imagery is a starting point, a portal, a rabbit hole for a viewer to enter.  Her pieces obviously hint at particular fields of study, such as mysticism, existentialism, occultism, and eschatology. As her gallery CULT Exhibitions explains:

“Blade’s work shapes an ethereal world, charged with symbolism, where abstract and figurative forms suggest relationships between the material and the immaterial.”

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Michelle Blade

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