You are enthusiastic to watch the sculptures, well-reputed art galleries, paintings and
interesting street art scenes. That’s why you are looking for the ideal destinations praised
by the art-lovers. You may have seen stunning art masterpieces. You should visit the
recommended cities/places at least once in life to adore the memorable experience.

Florence/ Italy
Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy is one of the oldest art museums in the world.

The visitors get the opportunity to see the Renaissance art. That’s why Florence is called
the galaxy of art. The David sculpture, Raphael’s Madonna of the Goldfinch, and
Botticelli’s Birth of Venice. Besides, the visitor may take the pleasure of the modern art.

Lagos/ Nigeria
Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) Lagos

Lagos presents the best cultural scenery in the world. The art-lovers around the year
crowd the city. Don’t forget to pay a visit at African Artists’ Presentation and the Center
of Contemporary Art. You can give a soothing effect to aesthetic sense by visiting the
Omenka Gallery. It is the galaxy of contemporary art of Nigerian artists.

Singapore Art Museum

Singapore is a hub of eye-catching attractions and art scenes. Singapore Art Museum,
Institute of Contemporary Arts and National Gallery Singapore contain the national and
international articles of art. The fantastic collection of masterworks of art surprise the

National Gallery, London

London doesn’t need an introduction when we talk about the art and cultural heritage.
The art hubs exist at every corner of the city.

  • National Gallery
  • The British Museum
  • Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Wallace Collection
  • Tate Britain
  • National Portrait Gallery and the Jewish Museum are other fascinating art destinations.
New York City/USA
Metropolitan Museum of Art

It is right to say that New York City is home to fantastic art and museums. The list of
world-famous museums includes MoMA, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Solomon
R. Guggenheim Museum. There are labyrinths of galleries. Equip yourself with the
knowledge or get assistance from the guide to avoid any inconvenience in New York.

Berlin/ Germany
Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district, street art

The urban scenery of Berlin is dynamic which changes very quickly. The artists fill the
walls with colors and draw amazing pieces of art. Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district is
known for street art. The artists draw a picture of their minds on the Berlin wall.


Wynwood Arts District

Miami is known for the sparkling beaches, but another attracting element of the city is art
galleries. Home to art Basel offers artistic delights, and art-lovers enjoy the peace of
mind. Wynwood Arts District is the center of the art studios. Perez Art Museum is
another worth-seeing destination to watch the apex of art.

Art / Gallery. Scai The Bathhouse

Whether you visit the city, streets, or skyscrapers, you will find the classical and modern
pieces of art in Tokyo. The scattered art makes the city an exciting place to visit. Visit the
SCAI The Bathhouse art gallery is only one of its kind in the world. Temples and wooden
attract even those people who don’t have taste in art.

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