Eric Armusik, (b. 1973) paints classical figurative art that fuses his life experiences with art history.  His paintings are a declaration to the dramatic power of representational art.  The origin of his inspiration does not lie in academia, but rather his childhood, surrounded by the vivid paintings he saw in Gothic cathedrals as a child.  Eric doesn’t aspire to simply paint a figure; he paints a moment, a human experience, and an emotional dialogue that transcends culture, religion and time itself.  If you want realist figurative art you can go to any academic painter.  If you want to know the sublime passion an artist has for the inner souls of the human beings in his paintings, you’ve come to the right painting website.

Bart Rush Memorial Portrait. Oil on panel “11 x 14”. 2011
Elisabeth. Charcoal on paper. “18 x 24”. 2015
Liam. Oil on panel. “11 x 14”. 2011
Paul. Oil on panel. “11 x 14”. 2011 (Sold to Private Collection)
Jason and the Argo. Oil on birch. “16 x 20” 2016. SOLD to a private collection
Helen and Paris. Oil on birch. 48 x 60″ 2016
The Omen. Egyptian girl with a dead hawk Oil on birch. 36 x 48″ 2014
“Paris” Oil on Alumicomp 11 x 14″ 2016