The artist brought to life the painting by Hendrick Avercamp


French artist and motion picture designer Francine Leclercq from the duo Soltani+Leclercq “breathed life” into the famous painting “Winter Landscape with Skaters” by Dutch artist Hendrik Averkamp. The work was created as part of the Rijksmuseum competition, which invites contemporary artists to create projects based on works from the museum’s collection.

The Francine Leclercq animated almost every significant detail of the Averkamp painting. With the help of stop motion, the artist gave motion to more than a hundred figures, while maintaining the original appearance of the painting. She “activated” the panoramic landscape and recreated alternative scenarios and compositions inside the canvas.

In addition to the whole animated painting, the artist created several ribbons of frames, which allow studying in detail the movements in individual fragments of the painting. This work calls for a long view of the canvas, where you can see the gloomy and humorous details.


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