August is the sunset of summer. At this time in the middle, the sun is no longer so bright, but what tender rays it has. And the end of summer is a great opportunity to remember all the best and bright things that happened in life in these three warmest months of the year. In this review are collected pictures of different artists who lived at different times, but they have in common – they all loved the summer and so reverently depicted this time of year in their paintings.

  1. “Forest Landscape with a Stream”, 1908
Danish landscape painter Jensen Milton

2. «Deer Park»

Danish artist August Thomsen

3. “Birches by the Lake”, 1888

4. “Glitter shines. Summer Landscape with the River “, 1918

Sergeev Nikolay Alexandrovich

5. “July”

Bekhova J. O.

6. “Forests”, 1875

Eugen Hettich

7. The “Road”, 1892

Uvarov The “Road”, 1892

8. “Quiet day in the northern part of Lake Erum”, 1879

Vilhelm Groth

9. “Landscape with the River”, 1889

Shmidt A. V.

10. “The Summer Landscape”

Anatoly Chinnov

11. “Pavilion”

Selahattin Сaglayan

12. “Birches by the Stream”

Shibanov A. B.

13. “Morning Fog”

A. Chinnov

14. “Summer day. In the sawmill “, the end of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th century

Levchenko P. A.

15. “In the Garden of Orebro”, 1923

Krouthen Johan Fredrik

16. Summer Evening, 2013

Galina Aksenova

17. “Walking by the River”, 1874

Alexandre Rene Veron