Miracles in feathers. Amazing sculptures from Kate MccGwire


If you come to London and look into the creative workshop of the artist and sculptor Kate MccGwire, you will get the impression that a whole set of feather pillows was disemboweled here, or a large dovecote was equipped. After all, most of the room is occupied not by easels, plaster sculptures or elements of installations, but feathers – whole bags and bags with a variety of feathers. This is all – the stock of material with which Kate works, creating his own unusual sculptures and installations.

Last year, the girl celebrated her five-year anniversary, since she began to deal with this matter, however, for such a short period of time she has already managed to take part in many of the combined exhibitions, shows and festivals, and organize many solo “performances” for the public. It turned out that her abstract feather creations are popular and cause great interest among people of all ages and backgrounds.

About her work, Kate says this: “To find new forms and images, I go out into the street, into nature, and I’m going to observe, look out, inquire, and collect, search, process and process what I’ve found. Can be described in one word – a miracle. ” And the miracle does not necessarily mean “magic” – most likely, it is derived from the word “strange, strange”. After all, it is worth only a glimpse of the sculptor’s works, as this will immediately become obvious.