10 most famous Urban Art Murals

"Ethnicities" Eduardo Kobra, Rio de Janeiro

Mural street art is a uniquely modern form of visual art that creates real masterpieces in front of the whole world. Murals and graffiti enliven cities, and delight, or annoy the public. Many street art creators have gone from illegal wall painting to worldwide fame. Below you will find examples of the best murals in the world.

Murals by Eduardo Kobra

Eduardo Kobra is a Brazilian famous mural artist whose work is admired for its brilliance. His mural “Ethnicities” is located in the very center of Rio de Janeiro. The famous fresco, almost sixteen meters high and one hundred and ninety meters long, was included in the Guinness Book of Records. Local authorities ordered the work from the artist on the eve of the 2016 Olympic Games. It depicts ancient tribes, as well as five Olympic rings, symbolizing the unity of peoples.

In his work, the famous mural artist uses many techniques, and it is noticeable. Each picture is worked out to the smallest detail. His famous murals are often referred to as “photo graffiti”. Indeed, some of them depict famous people with photographic accuracy, for example, Dali, Einstein, and Lennon.

The famous mural artist, Eduardo Kobra creates three-dimensional paintings. Their volume is visible only from one angle. You can walk past the image and see how the picture changes before your eyes.

Astronaut by Victor Ash

This is an iconic image of an astronaut, created on one wall of residential buildings in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin. The author was a Portuguese famous mural artist named Victor Ash, who created the huge mural during the Berlin festival “Backups”. The graffiti depicts an astronaut floating in the air. At night, searchlights are directed at him, creating the illusion that the astronaut is planting a flag on the moon.

Urban murals by Etham Crew

Etham Crew is the pseudonym of two Polish artists. Their murals are striking in size. Enormous drawings from Etham Crew decorate buildings throughout Eastern Europe. The Polish authorities appreciated the artists at their true worth – and they order them to paint the next house. So the building turns into an object of art. Many tourists, coming to Poland, go on an excursion to see all the paintings by artists. In their work, the famous mural artists turn to folklore motifs, as well as the style of surrealism.

Banksy`s murals

The English street artist Banksy is recognizable throughout the world for his meaningful paintings. One of his most famous works is “Love in the Air”, or “Thrower”, created in Bethlehem, Palestine, in 2003. The graffiti depicts a street protester trying to throw flowers instead of a Molotov cocktail. Once again, Banksy tried to convey to the public that it is necessary to create love, not violence.

“Love in the Air”, Banksy, 2003

Another famous work of the famous mural artist “Girl with a Balloon” has been flaunting in London since 2002. The small graffiti depicts a little girl reaching for a red balloon, as well as the inscription “There’s always hope”. In 2014, this work became an unspoken symbol of support for Syrian refugees. The works by this famous mural artist are rightfully considered real works of art.

“Girl with a balloon”, Banksy, 2002

Mural by Os Gemeos on the walls of Kelbourne Castle, Glasgow

The famous Kelbourne Castle, located in Glasgow, was built in the middle of the thirteenth century. Not surprisingly, by now it was in need of a major renovation. The current owner, Count Patrick Boyle, suggested to the local authorities an original idea – instead of a standard reconstruction, outline the facade of the building with drawings. He invited a Brazilian tandem of famous mural artists called Os Geméos, and they created a real work of art.

Walls of Kelbourne Castle, Glasgow

Os Gemeos is a pseudonym behind which there are two artists, the Pandolfo brothers – Otavio and Gustavo. The twin brothers were born in Brazil. It was Brazilian culture and folk art that shaped the style of the famous mural artists. The creative path of the brothers began with street paintings not far from home. At first, they simply copied their favorite graffiti artists, and over time they began to create their own art.

Most often they draw yellow-faced people. Why yellow? Yellow, according to the brothers, is the color of dreams. Plus the influence of Brazilian culture – with its bright sunny colors.

Now the duet Os Gemeos is popular all over the world. The brothers travel a lot and try to decorate as many cities as possible.


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