A large-scale digital platform will bring together European masters of arts and crafts

Homo Faber Guide site snapshot

The Homo Faber Guide project, which is scheduled to launch on September 17, 2020, will bring together more than 650 craftsmen from 25 countries in Europe.

Homo Faber Guide is a large-scale project developed by The Michelangelo Foundation. It is based in Switzerland and is not commercial. The Michelangelo Foundation is dedicated to supporting and developing arts, crafts, and design. At the start of the project, more than 650 artists from 25 countries will take part in it. According to the organizers, by 2021, the number of participants should increase to 100 people.

The aim of the project is to create an international network that will unite creators of the interior, design, folk crafts, and arts with their potential buyers around the world. According to the organizers, these can be masters from all over Europe, from glassblowers of Venice to Stockholm ceramics, from the creators of Paris tapestries to London engravers, from St. Petersburg jewelers to goldsmiths from Vienna or even from the most inaccessible corners of the continent.

However, the project’s objectives are not limited to the idea of ​​creating a conditional hypermarket of all possible crafts and applied arts. An important role is played by the educational component. These goals will be served by sections of the site dedicated to individual craftsmen, brands and manufacturers, as well as sections Ambassadors, where you can get recommendations from famous people, Museums, Galleries and Shops, and a separate section on masterclasses and other ways to gain experience in various art forms – Experiences, which will include the opportunity to visit workshops and travel to special exhibitions and fairs.

For the convenience of users, the search for the desired master or craft is possible by country, city, type of art, and material. Using the site is supposed to be free. But registration will be required to access the full functionality. Currently, about 300 artists from 15 countries of Europe are available to users on the project’s website.


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