Bulgari in the Garden of Eden

The new collection is called Eden: The Garden of Wonders. Photo: Bulgari

A collection of floral jewelry on the verge of magic and reality from the Italian jewelry house.

This summer, beautiful flowers bloomed not only in gardens and parks.  Jewelry and watchmaking brand Bulgari presented its vision of marvelous plants in the new collection Eden: The Garden of Wonders.

And this is not the first time that the masters of the Jewelry House have been inspired by floral motifs. This time the focus of their attention is on magical flowers of bizarre shapes straight from the Garden of Eden.

The Eden collection features over 140 fine pieces – from rings and bracelets to elegant massive necklaces and watches. More than 30 of Maison’s creations feature one of the most beloved stones of royalty of all time, the noble emerald.

11 pear-shaped “petals” of Colombian emerald adorn the Emerald Glory necklace, which can be transformed into a choker or tiara. 11 pear-shaped “petals” of Colombian emerald adorn the Emerald Glory necklace, which can be transformed into a choker or tiara. Thanks to this painstaking technique, the harmonious composition is reminiscent of fine lace weaving and fits snugly but delicately around the neck.

The green symbol of Bulgari has helped jewelry makers celebrate the inextricable link between the two ancient cities of art, Rome, and Paris. Like flowers and trees on the Champs-Elysées – in the realm of eternal spring, according to ancient legend – a 35.53-carat oval-shaped Colombian emerald shimmers in the center of the Tribute to Paris necklace, and around it, emerald and diamond inserts sparkle in orderly order, reminiscent of the silhouette of the Eiffel towers.

Ring from the new collection.
Photo: Bulgari

Another jewelry with emeralds – Emerald Venus – is truly worthy of the neck of the Roman goddess of beauty. The asymmetric shape of the product is inspired by the Mediterranean fern Capelvenere, whose name is translated from Italian as “hair of Venus”. Refined branches studded with diamonds and emerald beads accentuate the necklace’s central flower, a 20-carat octagon-cut Colombian emerald.

The collection also includes the Emerald Garden tiara, honoring the British Queen Elizabeth II, who celebrated her 70th platinum jubilee in 2022. At the heart of the precious bouquet, one of the largest stones in the collection, an emerald weighing 63.44 carats, blooms. The tiara has a secret: thanks to its inconspicuous built-in mechanism, the piece can be turned into an elegant necklace.

The Bulgari jewelers used other materials as bright as summer days. Flowers in every color of the rainbow grow in Bulgari’s magical garden, and the Eden Enchantment necklace interprets the design of a 1930s model.


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