Documenta 15: why is the show so scandalous?


This week: our associate editor, Kabir Jhala, and editor-at-large, Jane Morris, have been in Kassel, Germany, to see Documenta, the quinquennial international art exhibition. They review the show and respond to the escalation of a long-running row over antisemitism and broader racism, which has resulted in a work being removed from the exhibition. Read our review of the exhibition here.

One of the images shown in a public court document for the Warhol-Prince copyright dispute.

The Andy Warhol Foundation For The Visual Arts, Inc. vs Lynn Goldsmith and Lynn Goldsmith Ltd.

Virginia Rutledge, an art historian and lawyer, discusses the dispute over Andy Warhol’s appropriation of a photograph by Lynn Goldsmith of the pop icon Prince. The case will be heard in the US Supreme Court this autumn and has potentially huge implications for artistic freedom.

Juan Muñoz’s An Outpost of Progress (1992)

Courtesy of Centro Botín

And this episode’s Work of the Week is An Outpost of Progress (1992), a drawing by the late Spanish artist Juan Muñoz, inspired by Joseph Conrad’s short story of the same name.

Documenta 15, Kassel, Germany, until 25 September.

Juan Muñoz: Drawings 1982-2000, Centro Botín, Santander, Spain, 25 June-16 October.


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