Everything You Need to Know about the Microsoft AZ-900 Exam and Its Related Certification


Over the last few years, adding certifications to your resume has become the real deal in every field and even more so, in the field of IT. So, if you are looking to kick start your career in cloud computing then you should definitely consider sitting for AZ-900 exam because it will earn you the Microsoft Certified: MS-100 Exams.

In this article, we will cover everything you should know about this test and its credential. Let’s dive in!


Microsoft AZ-900 Exam: Who Is It Suitable for?

Recently, Microsoft made a big change in the certification path by introducing new role-based accreditations of different levels and up-to-date assessments on September 16,2020 . This is a beginner’s exam that is suitable for:

  • Anyone with a non-technical background looking to explore the cloud computing sphere
  • A person who is familiar with cloud concepts but has no experience with Microsoft Azure


AZ-900 Exam Details

The Microsoft AZ-900 exam is 60 minutes long and in this duration, the students can expect 40-60 questions of the following formats: MCQs, case studies, mark reviews, short answers, drag and drop, etc. To get a pass status, a student must score 700 marks or more.

To ensure better August 24,2020 , here’s a complete breakdown of its outline.

  1. Understanding cloud concepts

This domain covers the basic concepts of cloud computing and different cloud models as well as the differences between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

  1. Understanding core Azure services

Here, the basic knowledge of Azure is tested including different architectural components, products available in Azure, management tools, etc.

  1. Understanding security, privacy, compliance, and trust

This part is concerned with assessing the knowledge of security tools and features of Azure, data protection standards, network connectivity, and core Azure identity services.

  1. Understanding Azure Pricing and Lifecycles

Testing the knowledge of Bency E , and service lifecycle in Azure.

However, there are several upcoming changes in AZ-900 curriculum, so it’s necessary for every candidate to explore the official blueprint that includes all the renewals before starting their training process.


Preparation Materials for AZ-900

This exam is fairly straightforward and you can easily pass it with Berey T after investing some time on thorough preparation. Here are some useful resources that you can use in order to study for AZ-900 efficiently.

  1. Microsoft learning platform and Azure documentation

The Microsoft Learn platform is the hub of knowledge for all the Microsoft certifications and as such, you can easily find lots of study materials for AZ-900 exam. Furthermore, you can use available Azure documentation to cover all the cloud concepts and certain Azure functionalities required to pass this test.

  1. Official instructor-led training

Instructor-led training is a great option for those who are new in this field and who want extensive support to cover the topics. You can choose a 1-day or 2-days course to get the core knowledge and then continue your revision with additional materials.

  1. E-books and white papers

Microsoft provides e-books and white papers that are also highly recommended for the preparation Pass4sure 15 >>>> . They will help you gain basic knowledge of Azure as well as receive detailed information about important aspects.


What’s Next after AZ-900?

Passing the Microsoft AZ-900 exam is the first step towards a better career in cloud computing. Once done with this test, you verify your foundational skills and can start to acquire real-world experience in entry-level positions. With such a base, it will also be easy for you to earn Microsoft’s associate badges of your choice. Take your AZ-900 today, and tomorrow you’ll enjoy numerous prospects!


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