Kinetic Pointillism – Press Release

Book cover Image - “Lighthouse” by Robert Ottesen

A book on the Kinetic Pointillism art movement was released on May 3, 2023. The book was written and self-published through Draft2Digital by artist Ganesh Shenoy. This is the first-ever book published on this art movement and is available in e-book format on online distribution websites like Rakuten Kobo, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Thalia, and Vivlio.

Kinetic pointillism is an emerging art movement founded by Robert Ottesen, a renowned artist. Though its founder intended the movement for adult artists, it eventually became a passion for adolescents. The purpose of writing this book is to enlighten all artists, art students, art critics, and art lovers in this world about this unique subject.

Prior to the invention of Kinetic Pointillism by Robert Ottesen, pointillism was one of the most prominent art movements in the world. As Kinetic pointillism is an evolved form of pointillism, the author has dedicated the second chapter of this book to explaining the origin and evolution of pointillism, which eventually led to the birth of Kinetic pointillism. Also, a chapter has been completely dedicated to Robert Ottesen, the founder of this great movement. Robert Ottesen has taken a lot of initiatives to present this great movement to the world, and it is time for the world to recognize him now. Also, images of the artwork of all those artists who have adopted this style have been included in this book.

Since the Pointillism style was a passion for Ganesh Shenoy since his childhood, he always browsed art books and explored search engines to study more about this movement after the IT revolution. In fact, his attempt was to enjoy the unexplainable beauty of the pointillism style rather than conduct mere research. Ganesh Shenoy has also written about notable pointillist artists, Kristen Pobatschnig, Siyavush Mammadov, Bogdan Cikarda, Nathalie Gribinski, Jennifer Bell, Norm Yip, Lee Asbell, and Arnold Bernstein in this book. Though stated as a ‘pointillism’ style, the author has found either a few or all characteristics of pointillism or kinetic pointillism in these artists’ works. Though all these artists don’t follow the style of ‘realism’, they have successfully incorporated many good qualities of this style into their pointillism works.

Ganesh Shenoy is an artist from Karnataka, India, who resides in Qatar. He is the son of two well-known artists in South India, the late K. Pundalik Shenoy and the late Padmini Shenoy. Ganesh is a world record holder for creating miniature paintings, which was confirmed by the Golden Book of World Records. In addition to the world record, he is also an Asia and India record holder in creating miniature artworks. Ganesh has dedicated this book to his late father, who was not only an artist but also an art journalist, an art critic, and a philosopher.

This is a free eBook, and interested readers can download the book by visiting the websites of online bookstores :,,,


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