Libra Artists Should Be Alert to a Risk Worth Taking This Month + More Advice From a Noted Astrologer


We are currently in the midst of Libra season! The seventh sign in the zodiac calendar heralds a time for personal reflection, maintaining relationships, and indulging in self-care. Libra (September 22–October 23) is an air sign ruled by Venus—the planet of love, harmony, and money—and is signified by the scales. The scales allude to Libra’s keen sense of balance and symmetry, which can be expressed in all facets of their lives. The creation and appreciation of beauty, too, plays a significant role for Libras, and they have frequently been referred to as the aesthetes of the zodiac.

As Libra season nears its conclusion, we reached out to prominent New York–based astrologer Rebecca Gordon to gain some insight into Libra artists and their practices, as well as what they can expect looking forward. Gordon is the founder of Astrology School, which she has been running for 18 years, the author of (Simon & Schuster), and the resident astrologer for . In Gordon’s client-based work, it is in her mission “to align people with their own unique brand of stardust so they can step into their highest potential.” For Artnet readers, Gordon is offering a moon sign guide for free download. Read on for her clues for how to read the Libras in your life.

New York–based astrologer Rebecca Gordon.

New York–based astrologer Rebecca Gordon.

What does the year ahead look like for Libras?

Libra has a groundbreaking year ahead, especially on the financial front. The eclipses this autumn will light up the money sectors of their chart, revealing a new risk worth taking. This indicates that after the solar eclipse of October 25, Libras will likely be entering a new financial model—perhaps cultivating a new relationship with a buyer or dealers, which seems to set a new trend. There may also be a lucrative investment opportunity that appears around this time. Two weeks after this solar eclipse, there will be a lunar eclipse in Libras’ income sector, indicating a need to make a sacrifice—which may mean leaving what was a consistent income source in favor of another. This certainly does involve taking a risk, and this is exactly what eclipse season is all about. To learn more about the eclipses, join our Eclipse Webinar.

There are tons of history-making Libra artists—from Caravaggio to Robert Rauschenberg. Is there an artist you consider a quintessential Libra artist? Why?

Mark Rothko was born on the first day of Libra, and his art is so quintessentially Libra in that it is an immersive experience in color and the unique relationships between the colors. Libras are ruled by Venus—patron of the arts and beauty—so this sign wants to extract all the juice that color may offer. Libra is also a sign that focuses mainly on relationships, and Rothko’s work is truly an exploration of the depth of color and the unique relations colors have to one another. You simply cannot get any more Libra than this.

What are Libras’ strongest qualities as artists?

Libras are absolute masters of light and color, from Caravaggio to Rothko. A most memorable mark of color and light shine through all of their work. They are also excellent relationship builders, and this bodes well for building relationships with galleries and media, too.

What are some of their potential pitfalls?

Libras are natural artists, devoted to their materials in every way. However, they can tend to worry too much about what others will think or compare their success to others. Because Libras are so naturally socially aware, this can be a pitfall.

Do you think there is a medium or genre that Libras are particularly well suited to?

Many Libras are architects, as that’s a medium that asks for a balance, symmetry, and elegance—which are all baked into the DNA of architecture. Libra is a sign that is most naturally drawn to creating symmetry and grace. Think of Borromini, who built the San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane and Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza of Rome, amongst many more monastic structures brimming with the classic pageantry and elegance of the Roman Baroque.

What is the ideal environment for Libras to work in? What should Libras keep in their studios or homes to keep themselves inspired?

Libras are naturally aesthetic creatures and need soft lighting and an ambiance that is neutral enough to blend into the background of their lives. A few accents like an orchid here or a well-lit sculpture there will punctuate the otherwise soft and minimal flat. Fresh flowers are essential for the Libra studio, and a charming view is required!

What is the best way to support a Libra artist? And how do you give them feedback on their art in a way they will be receptive to?

You can best support a Libra artist by building a relationship gracefully, such as inviting them to a concert or cultural event where you can mingle and enjoy meeting others as well as getting to know each other. They need social graces woven throughout their lives. Libras are natural pleasers and ultimately want to make you happy. However, this quality can easily get taken advantage of. Any critic must couch criticism in between praise and end with re-stating the strengths. As artists, Libras’ challenge may be wanting to please everyone—but there is no way to make everyone happy, so they will need to learn to do what pleases themselves.

If an art career isn’t taking off right now, what would be the best day job for a Libra artist?

Libra artists are naturally good at dealing with the public, so anything like PR or being in the front-facing part of a business is ideal for a Libra. Working in places that sell artistic home decor, handmade vases, glass, ceramics, or even fashion would suit a Libra well. They also know how to convey challenging things in beautiful ways, so Libras will excel in any role that involves email writing, grant writing, customer service, or concierge services.

If a Libra artist falls into a creative rut, what are some things they should do to get inspired and back on track?

Libras have a tendency to over-give to others, which can leave them feeling tired and resentful if they are not careful. They simply care so much. If Libras find themselves in compassion fatigue or giving fatigue, a day or two of restoration is essential. Libras love spas and massages, or even a daytime date with themselves to go see art or walk by the water. Libras also enjoy the world of fragrance, so lighting a beautifully scented candle or spraying a favorite perfume can also instantly give these Venus-ruled babes an extra boost. For the more organic Libras, using essential oils in a diffuser is a great way to instantly change the energy of the studio.

Astrologer Rebecca Gordon.

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Suzanne Valadon: September 23, 1865

Suzanne Valadon.

Suzanne Valadon.

El Greco (Domenikos Theotokopoulos): October 1, 1541

El Greco, Portrait of an Old Man (ca. 1595–1600). Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

El Greco, (ca. 1595–1600). Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Pierre Bonnard: October 3, 1867

Pierre Bonnard, Self-Portrait (ca. 1904).

Pierre Bonnard, (ca. 1904).

Jean-François Millet: October 4, 1814

Jean-François Millet, Self-Portrait (ca.1840–41). Courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Jean-François Millet, (ca.1840–41). Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

N. C. Wyeth: October 22, 1882

N. C. Wyeth, ca. 1920.

N. C. Wyeth, ca. 1920.


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