Multiple verticals of interactive design

A product designer at Google who has worked in various areas of interaction design, including multimedia, ARVR and tangible interfaces, has developed new multimedia projects. We present to your attention two projects in collaboration with Meichun Tsai. We are sure this will be interesting to our readers.

1-Disorient: Dis-Orient is an interactive VR Unity game design. By entering different doors, the player experiences rotation in space to reimagine physics, space, and orientation to explore impossible interaction with the environment. Inspired by the well-known game Monument, we designed the space as a cube with 6 faces: each of which can be a ground floor with a certain trigger. On each wall, there are 2 doors that the player can enter. There are 12 doors in total, and they are matched one to one as the portals and target destinations of each other based on the following rule: On entering a door, the cube rotates, The wall the player enters becomes the floor.

2-Monument Ancient Future is a VR experience built within in Unity. Players could walk in the space in first-person view to explore the connection between the ancient and the future. Learning more about future technologies and what people imagined about future in the past time, the learnings here gradually unfold themselves: the connection between future technologies and the concepts envisioned thousands of years ago is strikingly profound. It's as if the seeds of innovation planted in ancient minds are now blossoming into the advanced technologies of tomorrow. The design tries to pass this message and guide players to feel the connections.


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