New exhibition “Anti-Art” is challenging the what art is


Culturally Arts Collective’s newest exhibition, “Anti-Art”, which is the concept that challenges what the definition of art is. Anti-artwork may criticize certain aspects of art or artistic standards overall. And as the 2020s continue to challenge our values, change our ideals, and force us to think outside of the box, we wanted to showcase artists expressing their ideas. The “Anti-Art” exhibition can be found on Culturally Arts Collective’s website and launched on April 17th and will be featured through June 31st.

“Anti-Art” features twenty-one artists from all over the globe, Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East. Their artwork covers topics such as human identity, politics, nature, pollution, female archetypes, differences between cultures and the fusion of art and technology among others.
The Milostka Center for Exhibitions is Culturally Arts Collective’s online gallery house that uses 3-D, virtual reality, 360-degree exhibition rooms. This allows for an innovative, immersive experience which helps accessibility and representation in the arts.

Culturally Arts Collective is an international non-profit organization dedicated to helping artists reach their full potential regardless of social, economic, and cultural background. Since our foundation in 2020, our mission has been to provide free arts education, exhibition, and community outreach to individuals passionate about the arts. Our main objective is to provide diverse representation in the arts to build a more global platform for artists focusing on art as visual activism and art as community activation. Over the past year, Culturally Arts Collective has worked with over 3,500 artists across 100 countries.

At Culturally Arts Collective, we strive to provide these backgrounds to our students, consumers, and the general public. The Milotska Center of Exhibitions provides a space for artists to showcase their work globally. We hope to continue our work in educating and promoting artists in years to come. For more information and to see the artistic ingenuity we have to offer, visit our website at or Instagram page @culturallyarts, or submit your own art to an upcoming exhibition at


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