The Best Booths at NADA New York 2023

Fight or Flight, 2023, Ánima Correa. Photo : Courtesy of Hunter Shaw Fine Art

The New Art Dealers Alliance opened its ninth edition of NADA New York at a new location, the 40,000-square-foot former Dia building, at 548 West 22nd Street.

NADA, conveniently located in the heart of Chelsea next door to the magnificent Mark Bradford solo exhibition, was in full swing all day. Among the most famous galleries there were stunning presentations from galleries as far afield as Shanghai, Vancouver and Paris.

Below, you will see the standouts at the 2023 edition of NADA New York, which was running until May 21 at the 548 West in Chelsea.

Ánima Correa at Hunter Shaw Fine Art

A series of paintings by multidisciplinary artist Anima Correa reveals the confusion and looming paranoia inherent in our technological world. The featured compositions primarily come from an ongoing series that juxtaposes obsidian figurines used in divination practice with phone screens depicting iconic music videos (the above is taken from the 1998 cult pop song “Blue” by Eiffel 65), alongside with other symbols hinting at contemporary art and culture.

Kambel Smith at SHRINE

Located in Tribeca, SHRINE Gallery brings together a series of sculptures by Kumbel Smith, a 32-year-old self-taught artist with autism who creates intricate sculptures of major landmarks and favorite places in his hometown of Philadelphia. Smith’s sculptures are made by hand without measurements for many months and are almost entirely made of cardboard. The title of this presentation, Autisarian City, is a reference to Smith and his family reformulating people with autism as “superhuman” or autistic.

Yvette Mayorga at David B. Smith Gallery

Voyage to the Pink Castle , 2023, Yvette Mayorga.
Photo : Courtesy of David B. Smith Gallery

It is impossible to miss the presentation of the David B. Smith Gallery of Denver about the emerging talent of multidisciplinary artist Yvette Mayorga. Her work explodes off the walls, juxtaposing layers of acrylic paint reminiscent of cake icing with gold framing and rococo details. The writings contain multi-layered critiques of immigration, first-generation experiences, income inequality, and surveillance in an era of unprecedented decline and wealth.

Sarah Davidson and Daniel Giordano at Wil Aballe Art Projects

Canadian artist Sarah Davidson draws on her experience as a nature guide to create a series of dramatic works that draw on nature’s drawing history while at the same time distorting it. The works create layered compositions of biomorphic figures and fragments of nature. Davidson’s works thrillingly return chaos back to nature.

Pat McCarthy at Entrance

The emerging talent Pat McCarthy is an artist, magazine maker and pigeon fancier. His work, from printed magazines to miniature birdhouses and sculptures made from hatched eggs, in some way expresses McCarthy’s passion for breeding pigeons on the roofs of New York.

McCarthy’s large-scale works made up of miniature versions of his zine, Born to Kill, sewed together with dental floss are the most striking. McCarthy makes everything himself down to the frames and plinths.


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