The first design campus in Italy is born Accademia Italiana in 2023 moves its Rome headquarters to the Student Hotel San Lorenzo: 2500 m² dedicated to training, sustainability, and creativity.


Rome, 30 June 2022 – From Ostiense to San Lorenzo, following the geographical map of the new Capitoline creativity. The Accademia Italiana is planning an important move in 2023 to its new headquarters, the first campus entirely dedicated to Italian Design, will be established in what was once the former Customs Offices that will now become the Rome branch of The Student Hotel.

This will be the fifth investment by the Dutch chain – after two hotels in Florence, one in Bologna and one in Turin – TSH Rome is preparing to complete its massive redevelopment plan by 2024,

focusing its attention on the San Lorenzo neighbourhood, home to one of the largest universities and student communities in Europe, full of international artists and local artisans.

A hybrid structure of 21,000 m² which includes, in addition to the rooms, common areas and sports areas, spaces for co-working, meetings and events, in which guests and professionals can meet and exchange ideas. But also 10,000 m² of public park that will be returned to the city.

The historic building from the 1930s, located in Scalo San Lorenzo,  will represent the front of the future TSH Campus. Previously the seat of Rome’s customs offices, the restored building will host the classrooms and innovative spaces of Accademia Italiana that will be open to associations, committees and other realities involved in artistic and cultural activities in the neighbourhood.

A vital synergy, which will bring together the best energies in the area, fostering collaborations and new projects. Not only between stakeholders, the city and the neighbourhood, but also, and above all, between AD Education and TSH. In fact, all of the students enrolled at the Accademia Italiana will play an active role in developing the partnership with TSH – documenting construction site work with video and photo projects; contributing to the interior design of the school and the planning of the urban park; and co-designing the laboratories and the classrooms with the help of their [Accademia Italiana] teachers.

“Accademia Italiana and The Student Hotel begin a unique experiment of its kind. It is no coincidence that this is taking place in Rome, a city so eternal but which in this historical phase is more alive than ever. This centre dedicated to the world of design and arts wants to be a resource for the neighbourhood, for the city and for Italy. A place dedicated to experimentation and innovation with an international soul but with a local heart will be set up in San Lorenzo”, declares Alessandro Colombo, Country Manager AD Education.

For Kevin Guenegan (President of AD Education) “This operation has unique value for AD Education. Firstly, because Rome is a strategic city for us for its historical and contemporary prestige, as well as for its central role in design, fashion and, more generally, in the creativity industry. Secondly, because of the partnership with The Student Hotel, a dynamic and stimulating group with whom we aim to launch new projects for young creatives all around the world.”

The goal of the new campus is indeed to connect, through creativity and integration projects, focused around transversal themes on which Accademia Italiana has already been working for years: circular economy, diversity, inclusion and entrepreneurship. Accademia Italiana will orientate its courses and know-how towards transformation and social impact projects dedicated to the urban quadrant of San Lorenzo on this wavelength.

Objectives fully shared also by Rienk Oosterhof, Chief Real Estate Office & Executive Member of The Student Hotel who, by the way, states: “Our motto is May the student in you live forever. I am therefore very happy that TSH has embarked on this partnership with the Accademia Italiana to create a centre for future advocates of change.

On the one hand, in fact, it will be the students of the Accademia Italiana’s Photography, Interior and Product Design, Fashion Design and Jewellery Design courses who will collaborate in the creation of the first campus in Italy in this sector, which has 396 rooms spread over more than 20,000 . On the other hand, the campus will also host 15,000 of outdoor areas for sporting, recreational and event activities that are completely open and accessible to the public. The  campus will be open to associations, committees and other artistic and cultural realities of the San Lorenzo district, but not only: we would like the campus to interact with local stakeholders on the circular economy, diversity, inclusion and entrepreneurship”.

Also because, it should be remembered that the idea behind the Student Hotel concept was born from a simple observation: “students deserve better”.

Sustainability is another pivotal theme of this operation, fundamental for the project and a core value of both companies. A theme to which both TSH and Accademia Italiana have been dedicating great importance for some time, each applying it in the field of design, but according to their own criteria; TSH from an environmental point of view, Accademia Italiana with the aim of forming a professional in line with the demands of the market and the current international scenario.

The buildings have been designed following green criteria (including the choice to use only local materials) and building intelligence systems: which will allow to maximise the efficiency of the systems and limit the energy consumption of the campus. This allowed TSH to obtain the BREEAM certification (BRE Environmental Assessment Method or “BRE Environmental Assessment Methodology”), one of the first and most widespread environmental assessment protocols in the world. The system measures the adoption of sustainable practices through parameters that establish precise criteria for the design and construction of a healthy, energy efficient and low environmental impact building.


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