The Three Best Instruments for Beginner Musicians


Have you decided you’d like to take up music as a new hobby? Playing musical instruments does not come easily to everyone and they can be a rather expensive investment upfront. However, learning how to play music of any kind is also incredibly rewarding and is worth the time and money it may take to get you started.

While you are free to choose any instrument, there are some that stand out as better beginner instruments. Your first instrument has to be fun and hook you in, but it also can’t be too challenging to play.

We’ve created a list of some of the best starter instruments that may just be your perfect introduction into the world of music! Here are three of the best instruments for beginners to consider.

Drums and Percussion

Drums are arguably the most important instrument in an ensemble because they are responsible for keeping everyone on pace.

From a beginner’s point of view, these are also some of the most accessible. All you have to do is take the time to practice and work on getting your timing right! You don’t have to worry about tuning or playing the wrong notes – it is truly as simple as staying on the beat for the length of the song and developing rhythm.

If you are interested in starting out with percussion, it is in your best interest to get some drum accessories that will make the learning process a lot smoother from the start.


Guitars are a tad bit more advanced but are still relatively easy to learn. By spending some time practicing and learning some basic chords, you may even be able to play a song within the first couple of hours of picking it up.

As with all instruments, you are going to need to devote some serious time to practice. Playing the guitar well is a craft and requires a commitment out of you from the beginning. You will also need to give your fingers time to adjust to holding down the strings for extended periods.

Take the time that you need but make sure to devote a couple of minutes each day so that you stay consistent with developing this new skill!


There is a reason that so many people start out their musical journey with the piano. Pianos are complex instruments that are very difficult to master, but there is a real learning curve if this is the instrument you choose to start with.

Learning how to play the piano is a great introduction to music theory and is something that can easily be applied to other instruments down the road. By learning the basic keys and notes that are on a piano, you will grasp the concept of playing in tune, composing chords, and even scale progressions.

You’ll also realize the most important skill needed to play any instrument, patience. Without hours dedicated to reading sheet music and practicing exercises, it’s impossible to play piano. You’ll learn the importance of practice early on, so you can move forward with the right mindset as you pursue intermediate lessons or other instruments.

Bottom Line

All of these instruments are great for beginners because they help you realize how much dedication it takes to play music. If you are eager to get started and unsure of where to start, we hope that this list steers you towards an instrument that’s accessible, fun, and challenging.

All the great musicians had to start somewhere, and playing one of these instruments may just be your first step toward becoming a skilled player!


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