Mladen Vračarić (1985) is a young visual artist currently living in Serbia and the Netherlands. With a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the Academy of Novi Sad Serbia.

In his work he tries to show his secret world, distant from everyday life of modern society.  The natural scenes in his work seem familiar but there is always something unusual about them. You’ll never find the combination of plants and animals in the wild. Another secret lies in the idea that the animals are self portraits and studies about human life. What is in our nature and our desires? What inhabits that wild untamed place that is hidden in ourselves?

Mladen has received an award of the Nis Art Foundation in 2013 and exhibited his work in Serbia, Belgium, Holland and Germany. 

“Where the balance of illusion and reality is inequality, there arises a place that brings us to peace.” His work suggests there exists a hidden place in all of us.