William Mobberley – the artist  from England whose work wins the hearts. In creations of artist you could see not only the image, you’ll feel its soul. His gallery has a lot of pictures, that have fans from around the world.

         Stepping Stones

The artist’s repertoire consists of a variety of styles and subjects. Currently painting with acrylics, most of all he enjoys using colour and brush strokes to create the illusion of detail. Many of these paintings come together when viewed from a distance so the artist is often seen propping up his work and walking away to get the bigger picture. Seeing these paintings in the flesh is highly recommended. Photographs do not do them justice, nor capture the impact of larger format works.

        Waiting for Excalibur

 Shadowed, Natural Hues of Malkuth

            The Special Place in Hell Reserved

William Mobberley regularly exhibits at the Bayswater Road Open Air Art Gallery on the north side of Hyde Park. Come along and pick up a bargain every Sunday. Pictures are hung on the railings as in days of old and a walk along Bayswater Road is a fascinating day out.

The artist ran a successful animation and graphics studio serving the film and TV industries for twenty years. His work has been seen worldwide.  In addition to working on the James Bond film “Goldeneye”, feature films “The Wind in the Willows” and “Muppet Treasure Island”, he produced artwork for Ricky Martin and Diana Ross. His independent productions have been screened by the BBC and TVS and he produced the children’s animated show “The Magic Bucket”. He now paints full-time.

You can see all the works of William Mobberley on website http://wmobberley.wixsite.com/artist-painter or contact the artist on Facebook.